Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Unit is Quiet today........

The unit is the special group of agents who have it out for me. They are beginning to realize that publicity is embarrassing to themselves. I have one more class tonight to finish off my first master's degree class. I will be taking another class this fall or this summer but need to make sure I can handle saving two thousand dollars for the course. The latest plot I might add is to ruin school, make me look like a failure and then make it appear that I am hopeless about life. This is not a new plot. The FBI pulled it on me in 2008 when I attempted to get my human resources certificate. I spent two thousand dollars then to take classes and had to give up halfway through because they were in the process of driving me insane. They use a special combat energy when they want to destroy people. They already started using it on me today. I am trying to maintain my energy. As for summer, I want to hang out with friends and save my money for my fall class. But if I dare go to San Jose, the FBI has already threatened to tip off some low life people my friends address. You see my quandary right? My beater Honda civic is easy to break into and tamper with for the right scum mechanic. Tonight, the CIA agreed to cover my school because it is an honor to attend graduate school. Tonight, I am safe. Or so I hope. To all who read my blog, please keep in mind that God loves me and protects me. Please do not worry deeply about my situation. May peace and joy be with you tonight and always. Thank you to the agents doing the right thing!

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