Monday, June 25, 2012

They are now tampering with writing a fake suicide note


I am happy, well adjusted to this shit situation and loving life.

My family and friends should know that the FBI can easily break into my blog and re-write anything they choose at any time that they decide to kill me.

From now on, I will blog less NOT.

I will blog about all of their EVIL plots.

These are sick individuals that will stop at nothing to destroy me.

And they know how to get to me at all times.

Like I said, intelligence can find me to the very SECOND of where I am at.

And I would like to remain safe.

I will continue to pray to God for my safety.

If you are reading my blog, thank you.

My family and friends know that I am doing A OK and actually thriving despite being manipulated by the FBI daily.

And they've heard all of the stories at this point in time.

But the FBI is not convinced that my blog has gotten any publicity.

Too bad for him.

Not only did the newspaper not get my blog as I posted due to the FBI tampering with my Facebook page but my friends have.

And I have written many newspapers prior to the FBI catching on.

And so be it.

I will not allow myself to be murdered by the FBI.

And the American public already wants me alive and well.

Mainly my friends and my family.

And that is public enough.

Thanks for reading today's post.

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