Thursday, June 14, 2012

I did not make it to class after all

I guess I was wrong about being looked out for at my school. I got bad anxiety about how they profiled my car after I was going to go to class and ended up having to leave with my special guidance from several people's special guides giving me instruction as to how to leave the situation.

Basically, I am in tune with spirit guides and special families and souls from heaven. I meditate at least a half hour a day on most days and developed a special connection to the other side to keep me safe. I also use Archangels and Archangel Michael mainly to keep me safe from harm.

At times, I will have to leave situations abruptly if I feel that I am in harms way. Tonight was an example of this happening.

I also believe in Jesus and his healing power in my life. Some of my favorite authors, like Joel Osteen, keep me believing that God has my best interests in mind and that someday I will be blessed with a safer, more prosperous life. Until then, I ask that God fights my battles for me and I ask that GOD show me the path to safety. My path with God has deepened considerably in the past ten years but in the past year, I have had to rely on God more than ever. Mainly through people's spirit guides guiding me and helping me. I have had guides of friends and family, special agents, celebrities, old friends, and randomly enough, President Obama's special spirit guides have helped me too.

I am very in tune with love and the Lord's will. The love I have for my friends and family is above and beyond the norm to most of the FBI. But I do cherish each and every one of my friends and family and I love them dearly. I have fought hard to remain safe so that we can keep on enjoying life together.

I want whoever to know that is reading my blog that I will keep you in prayer always. You are special to me for reading this story and I want you to know that your family on the otherside wants you to know that you are A OK in life. They want you to know that they are always with you in some form or another and if you are open to seeing a sign from them, then at the right time, they will show you one that is meant just for you.

I also want my friends and family to know to take my situation lightly. It is bad enough for me having to fight what I fight but I am stronger and more capable because of it.

I have seen what love can do to heal and that is my prayer always for those in sickness and in sorrow. Believe in something greater than yourself and you will feel that God has the power to heal any situation. God can build your life to a whole new level if you just believe that he has the power to do so. God is working miracles in my life unbeknownst to me and God will work with your special soulmates to heal you in a time of sorrow.

I believe that everyone is gifted at love on some level, even the EVIL that I deal with daily.

And I believe that everyone is special to someone else, regardless of what they have done in life.

So the lesson from today, is to believe in something far more greater than you or I and to believe in the healing power of love.

I hope you take with you a special guide in life to wherever you are going. And I hope you can put a smile on your face during the challenging times.

And I hope you can hug your families and know that they love you and cherish you and will be with you every step of the way. And God especially is healing in times of trouble.

And I hope that GOD loves the satanics less not but I hope that God can show them the way.

And I hope that God can give you all the love you have back time and time again for me and my family and our safety.

With special love and healing from heaven,

I am signing off.

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