Saturday, June 30, 2012

My parents refuse to believe the FBI is doing this to me and our home

My parents do not believe the FBI enters our home. My Dad would like me to take down my blog but due to safety reasons, I will keep it up. The more people have an awareness of my situation, the better. If you are family reading this, please know that the FBI is not really after my mom or dad but want me dead in the worst way. I know this story seems unbelievable to many but that is how intelligence gets away with their crimes. There is very little accountability in the FBI and in the CIA. They can do whatever they want to whomever they want and they have very little consequences. And that type of power is sick to me. We all pay taxes and are expected to abide by the laws of this country. Those laws are exceptions made to intelligence and billionaires. And as a result, I suffer greatly every single day from the death threats from both agencies. I have put myself on many prayer request lines in churches around the east bay and around the country. What goes around comes around eventually. Everyone knows this on some level. Thank you to friends and family for being so supportive. I love each and every one of you dearly and hope eventually I can live a peaceful life. God Bless You!

I cannot protect my home.

The FBI is in my house daily. They damage mainly my personal belongings and have stolen some of my mom's cookbooks. My parents refuse to believe that our home is broken into. I have reported to Washongton DC FBI and of course the San Francisco FBI as well as the Danville and San Ramon police departments and no one is taking any action whatsoever to protect my home, my car or my office from being broken into by the FBI. I feel helpless at times but having some of my family and friends reach out to me on Facebook has really helped. If I don't see less crime in my home, the FBI is going to have a very sorry way of making it right. They have now threatened my parents on a huge level. My parents are in EXCELLENT health and should not be developing any rare side effects from the emissions in their home or their cars. Today, the FBI tampered with the air conditioner in our home to see how much radon they can put in it. Please pray for me and my family as their death plots on us are becoming worse and no one in the legal system will take any action.

The latest plot......

The FBI knows how to hack into my blog. Please know that I am healthy as all get up, positive about life and all the good things in it, which includes all of my favorite friends and family and have zero plans of being killed. I will be battling the FBI for years to come and I am up for the challenge. Thank you to all of my special friends for reading my blog. It helps me in more ways than you can ever know and I appreciate your support. God Bless You!!!

The CIA is now making a habit of breaking into my home

Today, I left my phone in the computer room and fifteen minutes later, when I came to get it, the phone had been switched from silent to on. These people mean business. They want to kill me and make it look like I died of natural causes or if they have to, they will chloroform me and make it look like suicide. These are highly trained skilled individuals like you see in the movies. They are reaping the two great rewards of not having careers left and going to prison someday. By the way, hit like on my Facebook page if you have read my blog. If even two people read it and hit like, they will be held accountable. Thank you.

So annoyed that I could not buy a new car......

Yes, the FBI did show up at the Hyundai dealership with Gordon the billionaire to pay the dealer to see my car prior to it being sold to me. I was almost done with the deal (about 15 minutes from purchase) but had to leave abruptly because Gordon was busy making friends at the dealership by paying them a half a million dollars.

And on top of that, people never follow their gut feeling in the FBI. If you think Gordon is a criminal, then track him you fucking idiots. And the CIA has to do the FBI's jobs.

And so it's sucking even more for me because the FBI is lying through their teeth about everything they do to help Gordon protect his criminal activity.

Thank GOD Kilty is there.

Thanks so much for turning it over the way it should have been turned over.

God Bless You.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The FBI is using military energy to try and kill me today

If you have seen the movie, Men Who Stare at Goats, and you know the scene where George Clooney kills a goat by staring at him and energizing him to die with the power of his mind, then you can imagine what a room full of evil FBI mean men are doing to my photo right now. They are staring at it and trying to make me have a heart attack.

I feel their death energy all over my body. And I am praying as much as I can.

I would appreciate it if whomever reads my page today and tomorrow, says a little prayer for these men. Some of them cannot fathom what karmic debt is and how it will be repaid. Others say it is worth the $2,000,000 that they got paid from Gordon the other day to kill me.

And some of the White House officials agree that I am too nice to be yelling all the time.

And some of the Pentagon is looking into God and his will for me.

And some of the NBC media needs a story to write about me.

So, I will keep praying and write a few more emails to people who can make things happen in life.

God Bless You.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dan is immune obviously to halo and halo

FBI has been in my home today. They did trifle as they put it through my mom's food. I cannot throw away her food. If my mom gets sick, you will be held responsible.

The FBI got into my desk while I was in a meeting

I locked my desk and when I got out of my meeting, it was unlocked and obviously my purse had been tampered with.

They use intelligence and their know how to know the exact timing of when I will be in a meeting, when my office is free and clear of people walking by my desk and they get in.

I had to replace all of my make up and toiletries, probably over $150 worth of stuff went in the trash. And they seem to think they can wipe out my bank account in the process of damaging all of my stuff.

Thank god, the akashic records at least notes this wrongdoing.

And thank god, the satanic cult is not expensive to heal.

And thank god, my dad is going to be fine in life without the FBI tasering him like a fat boy on a diet.

So, I'm trying my hardest to not be pissed off today.

I'm really relying on God to get me through this.

And Justice will play out when I start sending my blog to the Supreme Court and other government agencies.

And eventually, when the American public catches wind of this blog, people are going to be pissed off for me.

And basically, I may be a bitch to some of the creeps I deal with, but there is no reason they should know how to tap into my energy field.

And seven years ago, the karmic debt thinking was out of control as it was.

And then ten years ago, the FBI should have realized that starting an EPIC hate crime against me was NOT A GOOD IDEA.

But we have some pretty stupid people running the FBI at this point in time.

They have little knowledge of how a karmic universe works.

No, they have zero knowledge of a KARMIC universe according to their guides.

They seem to think they can dish out pain and hardship to me all they want and not have a single consequence.

It just goes to show how moronic they are.

God Bless You.


The FBI has put something on my tissues to make me feel dizzy.......

I guess they will never give up. I am having a reaction to something at my desk. Not a horrible one but it is done so eventually I just get worse and worse with anxiety and paranoia. And they know that no one is that understanding less of my situation.

I guess the FBI is underestimating the power to the people. When people on Facebook read my blog, they never hit like. Because likely they do not like. But they do read my blog according to the traffic from my blog page.

Maybe the FBI thinks terrorizing me and victimizing me is their future and the way that they pay people back for bad past lives. But in reality, there are four other people in the Bay Area, who want karmic retribution against the FBI at this point in time.

And I am not one of them.

But the FBI is scared of how the FBI operates in regards to my Dad and my Mom being victims of the Hells Angels at some point.

If the FBI didn't tell people where we lived and how to break into our home, this would not have been a problem ever.

But they did.

And not only do the Hells Angels know where I live but so does the Satanic Cult in the East Bay.

I am not moving away anywhere.

So their answer is to start slowly chemically dissolving medications and other stuff into my parents food at home and hope that we all pass away eventually in the next two to six months.

You can see how sad this would make the American public.

My Dad is taking several medications and so is my mom.

The FBI has been through all of our cupboards and know we cannot protect our condiments in our home.

And my parents do not believe this happening to me.

So if anything happens to my perfectly healthy parents, who are not meant to die before they are 85 years old, please report this to any media in the Bay Area.

I'm sure eventually it'll get old having the same story told to people but my family is sacred to me.

And none of us want to be murdered by the FBI.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Monday, June 25, 2012

They are now tampering with writing a fake suicide note


I am happy, well adjusted to this shit situation and loving life.

My family and friends should know that the FBI can easily break into my blog and re-write anything they choose at any time that they decide to kill me.

From now on, I will blog less NOT.

I will blog about all of their EVIL plots.

These are sick individuals that will stop at nothing to destroy me.

And they know how to get to me at all times.

Like I said, intelligence can find me to the very SECOND of where I am at.

And I would like to remain safe.

I will continue to pray to God for my safety.

If you are reading my blog, thank you.

My family and friends know that I am doing A OK and actually thriving despite being manipulated by the FBI daily.

And they've heard all of the stories at this point in time.

But the FBI is not convinced that my blog has gotten any publicity.

Too bad for him.

Not only did the newspaper not get my blog as I posted due to the FBI tampering with my Facebook page but my friends have.

And I have written many newspapers prior to the FBI catching on.

And so be it.

I will not allow myself to be murdered by the FBI.

And the American public already wants me alive and well.

Mainly my friends and my family.

And that is public enough.

Thanks for reading today's post.

A peom of a poem

To every day people,

To every day lives,

To every day hearts,

To very special friends,

To very special AGENTS,

To very special families,

Life is a gift,

Live it while you can.

Live it with love,

Live it with style,

Live it with grace.

Live it up!

Live it sadly never.

Live it angry less.

Live is triumphant always.

Live it genuinely.

Live it honestly.

Live it and THRIVE!!!!

The End

The FBI is at it again with Ali and Dan trying to kill me

They don't want to save Ali or Dan. They would just rather that I die from them breaking into my home and pilfering off of me and they want Ali and Dan to be suicidal rather than healing in six months.

With an everyone loses mentality, I may win.

I have a new set of goals to take of myself.

I will be waking up at 6 am in the morning to work out on my new treadmill everyday.

The reason I don't wake up that early now, is because the FBI threatens to break into my home while my parents are asleep.

If I leave my room, they threaten to inject me with something lethal.

So I sit in my bedroom until almost 8 oclock in the morning for the past month and I've been late to work every day because of it.

I can choose my hours at work luckily for me.

But if I don't leave work right when the FBI tells me to, they threaten to snatch me from my car or bomb my car or of course, put more chemicals in my car.

And they do this knowing that I have very life affirming values.

So today is the last day that I am sleeping in.

Everyone on FACEBOOK knows to not write about me on my facebook page but people are definitely reading my blog and know what kind of scum the majority of the FBI is at this point in time.

If I have to post every single day on FACEBOOK, then I will.

You are not getting away with murdering me, however funny or lame you think this is.

It is not a joke to me to be homocidally threatened EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And the universe is going to show how tired it'll be for those of you threatening me.

Look out for blessing always would be my advice to you.

And look out for the smallest and most dependent of blessings.

Say thank you for your food.

Say thank you for your protection.

And say thank you to Uncle Sam and the American taxpayers for footing the bill to your lavish lifestyles.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today was mainly peaceful.....

Thank you to those that could see I needed a break from heavy hard core energy attacks. I do appreciate it. God Bless You!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am happy tonight......

My family is fine with being loved. And so the story goes...... I went to a taco place in Pleasant Hill for dinner. There were two top of the line agents there. And I want to say thank you. One is greatly aware of my God and how I love Jesus. The other five know they are fun, and awesome. They have never vibed me in a hard way. They too believe in God. With love and gratitude, thank you for looking out.

Gordon, the billionaire, just bought Whole Foods in San Ramon

He is living large and in charge and had the fucking nerve to have a Whole Foodie worker walk by me with a plate of garlic and brie on fine china to be served to himself in front of me.

You can imagine I am fucking pissed.

Not only did the FBI get clearance to kill me today but they also are bowing down to the billionaire and his fucking money like he is GOD.

I hope to God that someone sees that JUSTICE has not yet been served and it needs to be big time.

And while the FBI is enjoying all of the nice things life has to offer, they have continued to chemically code my car and are energizing me to get more "bipolar" as we know and I am really upset.

Not only is my family losing but so is the FBI's at this point in time.

They are going to criminally prosecute the 150 double agents lightly in a killed off energy way.

Tonight the good kids will eat chemically coded food and will be passing over to the other side in a sleepy way.

And most of the Satanic Cult will likely do the same.

The FBI just assumes that I deserve to die.

And I hopefully have made my point to my friends and family that I want nothing more than to live.

Good luck you scumtastic creepy shitbags known as the San Francisco FBI........

And eat out more if  you can afford it in thirty years.

Up to 1722 pageviews on my blog

Yes, I am sure I am getting more popular with no one.

Yes, I now know I am getting less popular than ever.

Yes, I am a poet at times.

Yes, popularity means less to me but more to my family never again.

Yes, popular is lame at times.

Yes, I am popular less always with my family some how or another.

Yes, my FAMILY, loves me anyway.........

The FBI is immoral and unhappy with my DAD being a great guy always

The FBI is profiling my home and my family and me always. But they now have more information about me and my DAD and my mom than we can all handle.

They have been through all of our personal belongings for the past two years.

They know we all believe in God and healing and psychology.

They know we cannot handle me being killed.

The thinking today is to kill me anyway.

These are disgusting, creepy low life scum rising above.

God Bless You.


Friday, June 22, 2012

To everyone reading my blog....

My dad is safe tonight. And so if the FBI keeps up their level of threats to me, they will be realizing that maybe they need to be hospitalized for being homocidal. It is against the law and the US Military wants briefings to end on why it would be ok for 150 people to be homocidal against me.

There is no substantial reason according to the FIVE HUNDRED people who have profiled me and read my blog.

God Bless You.

And in San Francisco, there is always four more agents who can handle me in a good way never again.

The three that I named in my blog prior and two more named Sarah and Kevin.

These five individuals are pathic, destructive and inhumane towards me.

Thank you.

The FBI is done with saving me and they are trying to energetically program my boss to fire me

The FBI is using energy weapons to have my boss fire me. They want me to commit suicide and they have made it perfectly clear that they will stop at nothing to get it done.

These are sick, pathetic individuals given way too much power.

If you can stop the energy weapons on my boss, please do.

Thanks so much,


Thursday, June 21, 2012

They think they can sneak in and kill my dad

They seem to think by now taking my Dad's life would be a good way to make me suffer. They have suggested to me that he will be given a shot of a lethal injection. I am frightened. These creeps will not stop. And no one in Washington does anything about it. I'm praying all night for the safety of my family and then I have to go to work exhausted tomorrow. Low life scum is what some of you may want to call FBI. Most of them are.

Once again intelligence set me up for something I can't get out of

Tomorrow is a big day at work. And the Hells Angels know where I work now. So if I am snatched up on the way to my car, no big deal to the FBI. They just say the Hells Angels did it and go on the merry way arresting people.

I will probably be brutally raped and killed at that point.

And Intelligence knows just how to set it up.

They know everything about me down to the second of where I will be and when.

They use universal energy to know where I am.

That is how they found Osama Bin Laden and that is how they found Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole in the ground on a farm.

They know just where I will be tomorrow around 4:00 or 4:30 when I get off work and they already tipped off three big men to snatch me on the way to my car.

And the CIA is reading my blog and they need to know.

And if my friends and my family are reading my blog, people went way too far trying to kill me.

And Stephanie D is in the  process of covering the whole entire story by saying I am bipolar and I wronged the Hells Angels.

I don't know any Hells Angels. I have never been involved in any sting operations. I have never encountered anyone that has wished me as much harm as the San Francisco FBI.

Please know that I will do my best to stay in tomorrow but the FBI has access to my car and will use that knowledge to their know how and move it conveniently to a non safe place for me.

And FRANK is the reason everyone is freaking out at the FBI tonight. He has the inside connection to the Hells Angels through Gordon and everyone knows it.

God Bless You.

Please keep me safe.

Love you all who work so hard to save my life.

May peace and love be with you always.

The FBI is going to cover my story thickly

With $300,000,000 from the billionaire in Los Gatos, Ca, the San Francisco FBI is going to cover my story and pursue committing more crimes in my home. They are coding to big for me to win this round.

Here are the names of the people in charge with $300,000,000 to disperse amongst their agents:

And the billionaire from Los Gatos is named Gordon. He runs a big show throughout the bay area and is well known amongst the rich and the poor. And he owns the San Francisco FBI. And he knows it.

To my family, please keep on keeping on.

To my friends, I love you forever more.

And to the FBI reading my posts, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

It is not too late to save my parents tonight.

And the CIA knows it.

God Bless You.

And now knowing I am bipolar......

They will try to drive me legally insane. They use a team of specially trained agents to direct severe combat energy towards me. This morning they read out my energy and coded to psychologically damage me. I could not get out of bed this morning. This is the sort of abuse they inflict on me every single day. In one fashion or another, I am always hurting all day from their team of agents. Please keep me in prayer. God Bless You.

The latest death threat....surprise, surprise.....a hit and run

The latest death threat would be to have someone's Suburban with military energy sideswipe my car and leave the scene of the accident.

It never stops with these agents.

They've seen one too many movies.

God Bless You all reading my blog!!!!

The FBI has threatened to break in my room while I am sleeping

And kill me with a shot of Ativan. Thankfully, I will block off my door with my bookcase and I will call 911 if they attempt to get in. They are stopping at nothing with their death threats. Know when to stop is a foreign concept to them. I'm pretty sure the FBI will be held accountable if anything happens to me. I have done NOTHING to deserve a hate crime of this magnitude and I am the victim. Fortunately for me, I am happy, healthy and making the best of a bad situation.

More about the agent scumbag Frank

He is from Los Gatos. He stalked me around Los Gatos because he was psycho like with a crush on me. I have had two conversations with him in my life because I was a waitress forced to serve him at CB Hannegan's. When he started reading out my thoughts about why I wouldn't date him, mainly because I thought he was a stalker, he began spreading rumors about me. And the billionaire ate up his lies. He has been in my home and through all of my personal belongings. He has tried paying off old friends of mine to say we secretly dated. I would never date him. To this date, two of my old friends have taken money to go along with his story. Melissa being one and Kelly being the other. I will never respect him or those girls again. God Bless You all who read my blog.

A little more about Ali and Dan

They own a home in Ruby Hills, paid for the billionaire. And they systemically fucked with my energy field every single day that they possibly could. They broke into my home and stole my bucket list and they are now living all of my dreams. They did this to get me to commit suicide. They are sick individuals.

They always want back what they stole from me. And I will never be getting my dreams back thanks to Ali Taggy and her fucked up coding in the FBI today.

God sees that I cannot protect my home from the Hells Angels.

And God sees that the billionaire has all the fucking money in the world to pay people to do his dirty work.

But most of all, Ali Bitch has always coded to murder me in any way she could possibly fathom. And she chose to fuck me up as she puts it in a hard core way where I felt emotionally victimized by her for over two years. And she sits there after she fucks with me and laughs. And she calls herself a winner.

God Bless Your Families and may they be in prayer for you always.


The billionaire paid the Hells Angels 57 million to put a hit on my life

And with the FBI's help. They will attempt to break in my home again tonight. Frank, the lamest most psycho FBI agent showed them how to break into my home. And Dan Bowers is an accomplice as is his wife Ali . And to those that don't arrest people, my dad will be sad forever. God Bless You.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The men in the FBI are too good for the American public

They are stuck up. Less equality and more good looking people is all they care about. Most of America is fat and under educated. But the FBI would put any one of them on their death pool if they have an education and maintain thinness like me. So I guess America needs to take a poll of what is important. Do they want satanic FBI running their lives as Big Brother? Or do they want a leader who is for the people standing up for them? Because we need a God like leader. Not a bunch of over privileged good looking people getting all of the blessings that life has to offer. Especially satanic criminal overprivleged people prospering while America suffers. And most people need to learn how to save their money. And most people need to learn how to eat nutritious foods. And most people don't know these fundamental basics quite yet. I do a little more than necessary to help out those in need. I donate to various causes at least three to four times a month. I also try to save my money but the FBI makes it really difficult when they break into my home or place of work and damage my personal belongings and ruin my food. They expect me to eat out at every single meal because they are not willing to stop breaking into my parents home and poisoning their food. And then they have the balls to question why they will not be getting a better life ahead. As for the restaurants that they know I will not be eating in because the billionaire is tipped off and steps up with money to pay the waitstaff to put spit or visible in my food, I guess they just assume they are above the consequences for their actions. Eventually it catches up and then the FBI is having a blame game back to me when they start suffering for the pain they inflicted on me. To that: WHATEVER!!!!! I didn't make those choices. I still have to fight tooth and nail to survive every day. Made my point to people little not. But you get the point. God Bless You.

The FBI broke into my home again today and tampered with my mom's food

One of the agents admitted to dropping at least ten ativan or more into all of my mom's condiments. I am angry and scared.

I cannot protect my home.

I cannot protect the food in my home.

I cannot protect my home because the San Francisco FBI has the know how of how to break into any home regardless of what type of lock is on the door and they also stole my spare garage door opener.

And no one does anything about it.

I am tired less during the day than at night.

But the FBI works around the clock.

And they have special agents who need to be arrested and they simply have not arrested them.

And they broke into my home again.

And I am tired of worrying about whether it will be safe for my parents to eat food in their home.

And I am worried about my poor little dog who is at home all day by himself when these creeps break in.

And it is not inevitable that the FBI needs an overhaul on how they make criminals out of their specially trained agents.

I am trying to be nice.

I am.

But it's not their home being broken into.

It's not their life being threatened EVERY SINGLE DAY.

These people are not sane.

And they need to be put away.

Please take action sooner rather than later.

And I am referring to the CIA and the Navy Seals.

They are not Americans although they live in  America.

They do not value the things that America values.

Which is being safe in our home.

Which is being protected from hate crimes by the FBI.

Which is not being karmically paid back time and time again because they will have consequences to their actions.

And they have hired another voodoo artist.

And I am the victim.

And not a single FBI has to go through VOODOO like I do.

But if they think FBI is intelligent, they are wrong.

These are trained criminals.

And I want peace in my home and on earth.

Not more karmic debt to pay back because they wronged me.

God Bless You.

Yes, I do connect with the other side every hour of every day

Yes, I do have a special connection to spirit in heaven. As a matter of fact, Peyton Manning's spirit guides just wrote me. And they guided me to write on my blog right now.

For those of you that believe I am less than 100 percent committed to living, then please refer to the Akashic Records.

For those of you that believe that I have a great future, I do.

For those of you that keep me down, your day is coming.

For those of you that lie up and down your ends to ends as the CIA put it, people are more intuitive than me and my special life on the other side always and always know that I type fast.

For those of you that connect with my family on the other side, please keep in mind how special they are to me.

For those of you that suffer with me daily, I pray for you today and always from now on.

For those of you that think I am still full of bullshit, think again.

For those of you that love me anyway, I love you just as much as I do.

For those of you that think I am poetic, I am.

For those of you that believe in God and Love, I do too.

For those of you that want better lives yourselves, please pray for better outcomes for me.

For those of you that like my family, we are an awesome bunch and that includes every single person in my family on both my mom's and my dad's side of the family

For those of you that profile my extended family, the South San Jose Family, you will see they too are extraordinary and amazing peacefully living  and thriving just the same.

For those of you that think my friends are sad for me, they sort of don't get it but they always support me.

For those of you that think my dad is a sweetheart, he truly is and he is amazing and well thought of by everyone who knows him.

For those of you that want to watch football this fall, I am game to watch high school, college and pro but I will be kept at a distance from most football less.

For those of you that like my LIFE ALIVE and WELL, keep praying for me today and tomorrow and every day.

For those of you that like spirit, please believe in a few miracles and leave my home alone during the day.

For those of you that hate my dog, stay out of my house. It is his house, not yours.

For those of you that love my dog, stay out of my house.

For those of you that like eating pie less, do eat the last piece mildly.

For those of you that love movies, hopefully my APPLES will have baby APPLES.

For those of you that love teaching credentials for my family members, we do have a few teachers in our family.

For those of you that like Jesus, he is with you always.

God Bless You!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The FBI is sad less with me dead

The FBI poisoned my food today. I am sad. I will probably be eating at whole foods again when I am well enough to. I already feel I'll from my mom's salad dressing being tampered with. They put an acidic virus like substance in it called chloroform. I have very little left to say about how bad life has been made by the FBI. I know life is a gift. I know I am a blessing to those that know me. But I am being killed before the end of the year and it will not be by my doing. My Dad is sacred to me. So is my entire family. So are every single one of my friends. The CIA do not want to protect me or my family. The FBI wants me dead. If you were me, you would want to be restored with God's blessings. I am instead being punished even more. Please report any wrongdoing to the Washington DC FBI of the time comes for me to have a say. I have pleaded for my life. I have eaten chloroform tonight and feel sick. To anyone with a heart for my family, please keep me in your prayers. God Bless You.

The San Francisco FBI took my car this morning while I was working

I have been working all day today at CCI in San Ramon. When I went to take my lunch break at Whole Foods, I noticed that my gas tank had been filled up slightly. Probably a couple of gallons had been put in my car. It was on empty this morning with absolutley zero gas. As I was getting ready to go back to the office after my lunch break, a girl who looked almost exactly like me walked out to her car. I think she was involved in driving my car this morning.

I do not know what the FBI did by the way but I imagine they are trying to frame me for something to make me look like a criminal.

They have access to my home, car and office through classified tools and continue to break into all three places.

Please know that I have reported this to the Danville Police Department.

And I have told my friends and family.

Thank you for reading.

God Bless You.


Monday, June 18, 2012

The FBI is working on killing me in a hard core way

Today the FBI and CIA agreed to give way to my guides never and have insisted that I need to die in a light way called ACID in all of my stuff.

I am feeling side effects from the ADDITIVE.....cloroform in most of my belongings on my desk.

I feel lightheaded mainly but the FBI is actively insisting that because I know too much and because they victimized me so greatly that I need to be expelled of as quickly as possible.

To protect my family from grief, they will insist that I die lightly in a hard way.

And I will continue to get cloroform in most of my belongings regardless of how often I blog or who I tell.

I want my family to get some benefit from this situation and I want my best friend to make the money off of any story that is printed about my life.

I will continue to write all major news networks and newspapers and movie studios. I will continue to write in my blog and send it out on Facebook as soon as I can.

This is NOT OKAY to murder me with cloroform.

I will not be happy with your life lines intertwining with Robert S Muellers supposed gift to my family of my death by cloroform.

And if Ali Bitch has a clue, she will be lawfully in prison in two years or less never.

And I can use any name I want to clue in the media.

God Bless You!

If you are reading my blog for the first time, please read it from the very beginning.

Thank you and I love you to all of my friends and family.

I have zero respect for the San Francisco FBI....just sayin'

So the San Francisco FBI has made it clear that they will not let up on their shiesty little energy tricks that they play on me. They still encode my energy with a lot of false information and it makes the CIA think I did something awful, which of course, never happened.

I think I will take a break from the FBI in the next six months by ignoring them only. At least some of their decent agents never treat me poorly.

And I met with my therapist this morning at Kaiser. She obviously has been tipped off about the FBI and all she could say was that Kaiser has no jurisdiction or influence over the San Francisco FBI and how they treat people.

I guess it is a big game to the criminal masterminds of the San Francisco FBI. They thrive off of making me feel like my life is out of control by their memes and their energy manipulations. I am staying positive and believing that GOD has a plan for my life and that the FBI will be put in their place eventually as a peaceful group of beings that no longer wish me harm.

It's much too bad that most of the double agents will have to go to prison. But in the end, they will see that GOD warned them all to not break the laws set forth by our intelligence community about being a double agent.

And if this is too classified, my ignorance shall warn me less.....Ha ha ha.

Good luck being a great person in life, senior agents who break laws.

God Bless You!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank you

Thank you to the team of amazing people who believe in the right thing.

God Bless You.

I will pray for you always in light and love and in healing and in God's grace.

Thank you again.

My blog may be lame but so is the FBI

To those that think I am full of shit, please read the entire blog from start to finish. And to those that break into my home every single day to see what kind of things you can destroy me are being photographed and breaking into my home is the least of your worries.

And if you think breaking into my home and going through my things is the answer to your prayers......think again.

I am American.

I have American values.

I believe in integrity, honor, truth, honesty, and abiding by the laws set forth by our Congress and the founding fathers of our country.

If I break a law, then I pay the consequences.

To date, I have never done anything that warrants the FBI profiling me, breaking into my home or any of the other bullshit you have put me through.



The CIA is poisoning you all never and you ought to be thankful I have VALUES!!!!

I am probably going to live at least another day

The reason the FBI and CIA are going to kill me through chemicals is because they do not want to protect my life after they have so severely victimized it. The Hells Angels and the Satanic Cult as well as the double agents in the FBI are all huge death threats against me. And I want my story publicized. I have suffered for over twenty years due to the FBI putting me in harms way. I want people held accountable. Anyone who knows me knows I have done nothing to deserve this level of victimization. The FBI took their psycho hate crime way too far. And I am the victim. I will be going a few steps further to take my story viral. Please keep me in prayer if you read my blog for safety.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have forgiven the double agents but they are too far gone

They live in another reality. They know no consequences to their actions. They are not morally sound nor are they grounded in reality as in the physical world. I would like to request prayer for the specially trained agents if you pass by my page. They used to be loving, caring genuine human beings. Now they are satanic criminals. Their leader is a mastermind. He needs to be stopped. May you keep the good kids in the FBI in your good thoughts. They at one point in time saved my life. I owe them prayer forever. And I am grateful for their families who will be notified about the situation never. This is a classified case. Obviously none of my family or friends experience what I do. So life goes on with no one hurting badly but me. With love and gratitude to those who read my blog and do the right thing. Stephanie

There was no one in my home last night but the FEAR implanted by the FBI struck me hard

Knowing that I am bipolar, they decided to fear base me with a severe energy field, where I could not fall asleep last night and was terrified of something happening to my family.

And I woke up today feeling very off. It was from the FBI's use of a combat energy.

I immediately meditated to a love cd and now I am trying to eat a nutritious breakfast to regain and maintain my energy.

They definitely know how to strike a chord with me.

All it takes is threatening my family.

And today I have a party to go to where my friends all will be present and I will be not feeling like I belong.....thanks to their energy weapons.....

But if you think they got the best of me, you are wrong.

I will be wearing a pink dress to the party and ready to hang out today for anyone curious in the FBI.

Or it could be my red dress.......

Since you're so wanting to know......

There is military police in my home

I don't know if they are going to kill my parents or not but I am really frightened. I heard loud footsteps in the hall and my dad had been watching tv in the family room. I don't think my dad was ever down the hall by my room. I am really scared. They have threatened in the past to harm all of us. And I am too afraid to leave my room to check. I have a lock on my door and have barricaded off my door with two laundry baskets. I am too frightened to sleep.

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's an Epic Battle tonight to save my life

Yes, the military lies not that often but the FBI is actively using energy techniques to kill me tonight. It's like fifteen to twenty men are in a room staring at my photo and focusing on killing me with their minds. I am winning right now by blogging how scum buckety these men are. Hopefully someone will profile them after reading this post. How I die is up to God. But I've made my case that I do not want to die and I do not want to be murdered. I am healthy happy and enjoying life. I even have a party to go to tomorrow. Thank you good kids for helping me win a round. Much love to you!!! God Bless You!

Yes, I am bipolar and yes, I do take medication daily

I am also intuitive from meditating for a half hour a day for the past two years. And I also have a big story which the CIA needs to cover. And the FBI needs to cover it too. The Bipolar Project is alive and well in America. I have ten minutes to post this on Facebook again to prove a point. And I will by seven thirty. Do not worry about the FBI And the CIA. They both look stupid to the media.....not. They will cover this story so fucking well and then delete my blog. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for saying prayers for me!

The CIA chemically coded my car and I am really sick

The CiA has clearance to kill me. They chemically coded my car today and I am having a bad reaction to it. In the event that I die, please know how much I love all of you. I cannot control the CIA from breaking into my car. I will try to drive it less but it is the only car I have. So they will come up with new plots and I need prayer around me. This story is too big and I don't get any support from my family with the believability of it. I will be yet again posting this on Facebook. Please do not contact my mother. I will keep you all posted. Right now I am having my car detailed and trying to remain calm.

The FBI is getting richer and richer with ten new agents now millionaires

Yes, ten new agents that work around me and claim to be my "protection" have all signed up for the millionaires club as double agents for the billionaire.

It's absolutely obscene to me that Washington DC FBI does absolutely nothing to stop them.

And the agents are so far gone with moral consciousness and meditating to satanic discs produced by the Satanic Leader in the FBI that they do not know right from wrong.

And they are rich beyond their dreams now.

And they will stop at nothing to make me suffer more.

So if they want to not go to prison, here will be the question?

The CIA is acting as if I did something really wrong and I never did.

I have NEVER hurt anyone in any fashion besides a few petty squabbles with family and rarely, like once every five years, a friend. I have never abused anyone or hurt anyone in a way that warranted me being profiled and now stalked by the San Francisco FBI.

They did this mainly because they have POWER. And they saw an opportunity to exploit the billionaire. And they did it knowing they would not be caught by anyone anytime soon. And they now worship SATAN which makes it even worse.

Many of the cute girls are big victims of this plot. They have taken the millions of dollars and are not spending them yet. But they plan on donating it to a CAUSE called AIDS in AFRICA.

Now, why they wouldn't turn the money in is beyond the rest of the working force in the FBI in the rest of the United States.

But they have chosen to go to prison at some point in time by keeping it.

And they should have reported to Robert S Mueller if anyone of the San Francisco Leaders were not taking accountability. And they did not.

So they will be in prison for at least ten to twenty years if not longer.

And everyone will agree becoming a millionaire overnight to be a double agent sounds like a very bad idea.

And the cuties I mentioned in the prior email also have millions of dollars.

And they too will go to prison for at least ten to twenty years.

And they will suffer only in a way that they cannot accomplish anything but sitting around wishing they had acted with integrity and abided by the laws set forth by our Congress and the Constitution of the United States.

So that is the update........

Thanks so much for reading.

Does anyone want a lighter message?

Here is a joke:

How many LA's are there in the FBI?

One too many......


If you want to know the truth, some of the FBI are fabulous, wonderful, amazing and genuine. And they want me to reiterate that although the BAD FBI is usually in my day a lot, the GOOD FBI is also and they are a blessing and a joy to communicate with telepathically.

The thing about LA only is that I cannot tell the readers who he is unless he absolutely insists.....

And he does not.

So the story about LA will be kept a secret.

And the story about LA's life in San Francisco is a tale he is blogging about on his own.

Not only will you be curious about LA but everyone should know that LA is a person.

And he is wonderful and unique and absolutley fantastic!

And he is the reason I sometimes pray for the FBI secretly (never by the way LA)

And he is so cute that if anything happened to him, I would be sad......

Which is why he is leaving the next plot by the FBI alone.

Many thanks to LA and his lovely friends.

Many thanks to my other good kids in the FBI.

Many thanks to my knowledge of one or two superiors that usually get me a break from the EVIL FBI.

And many thanks to the cuties in the FBI always.

They save my life daily and they are heroes to me.

And they will probably never admit it to themselves but they know they are going to have a great time on their vacation next week.

And I will be left with more stories about the EVIL FBI.

So I'll keep you all posted!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!!!!

Thanks to the double agents, I never get to eat out at restaurants

Just another quick note on how the double agents wrong me. Because they can profile where I will be up to 3 days to two weeks in advance, they tip off the billionaire to give them money and then.......they walk into whatever restaurant I will be eating at and drop anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to put visine or spit in my food. This has happened at 4 to 7 restaurants that I know of. I can feel the psychic energy when I enter the restaurant and I have left feeling sick to my stomach at most of the restaurants that I have eaten at within the past year.

I will not withhold the restaurant names should anyone like to investigate but honestly, not eating out has been the biggest punishment that they have put me through with regards to food.

Only food though.

The FBI, when they get angry at me, they psychically put bullets through my photo at their shooting range. And some of the agents know how to practice voodoo on me.

And the billionaire, himself, sought out the best voodoo artists online to practice voodoo on me for the past five or six years.

And the FBI knew about it and ended up joining in on the action.

And no, I am not making this up.

I used to cry all the time about the voodoo, but now I just have to suck it up and believe that GOD has a greater plan for my life.

Thank you all for reading the injustices the FBI has been putting me through. I think I have told the worst of it or most of the worst of it at this point in time.

Please keep me in prayer.

God Bless You!

The FBI never gives up on a death pool

They really never do. It's a huge game to them. They put a bunch of names on a list that they think will die within a year and then they all place bets on it. They also do this nationwide. It is sick and disgusting because my name is topping the list in New York, Washington and of course, San Francisco. So obviously, you can see they will stop at nothing to make it happen.

I am in excellent health. I practice yoga and meditation and I've also learned Reiki. And if you think this gives you permission to kill me, you are WRONG!!!!

I also eat fruits and vegetables quite a bit at Whole Foods. Of course, I would eat them at home but the FBI has threatened to ruin all of my mom's food supply. And my mom, bless her heart, is 65 years old and determined to never retire. Mainly because she likes working and mainly because they do not have enough money in retirement savings. So to tamper with her food, which she works over forty hours a week to buy this special food, well, you can see how wrong it is.

And if you're questioning just how they will ruin her food....simple.....they know how to unlock any lock and break in at any given time.

No, they do not have a search warrant. Yes, they have gone through all of my personal belongings. And they have found absolutely nothing of criminalism in my home. Of course, if you knew me and my family, you would never accuse us of wrongdoing to begin with.

We all work full-time and we pay our bills on time and we are responsible, accountable human beings. This does not apply to anyone working in the San Francisco FBI.

There are over 150 double agents in the San Francisco FBI at this time. Meaning, not only are they taking money from Uncle Sam but they are being paid, under the table by the billionaire that I have mentioned in previous posts.

They are living in the lap of luxury in places like Ruby Hills and buying expensive cars like custom Jaguars and Mercedes.

And they all say they won the money in Vegas.

So if VEGAS has a clue, they are cheating!!!!!!

They are cheating the American Public out of our tax money and they are cheating to win in VEGAS.

And that type of cheat totally deserves prison time.

And more to the point, my dad has never cheated in his whole life and he would like to retire soon. And I want to make a certain amount of money, where I can comfortably move out into my own house with lots of friends to live with.

But you can see, this is my dream. The FBI will stop at nothing to make sure it does not happen.

And if Washington DC has a clue, my blog will get bigger and bigger just by FBI reading it alone.

And to my friends and family, please keep me in prayers every time you log in to check this out. I love you all dearly but the FBI is a scummy operation that needs to be brought to the public eye.

May you have many blessings in your day....and lots of love and laughter.

God Bless You.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I guess it will not be a quiet night of not blogging with satanic culties reading my energy

You may not believe any of my story but I am being tuned into by the satanic cult and it's scary. They are creepy as all get up. And the FBI decided to let their specially trained agents have a break from being around me. Now I will have my future read by creepy satanics who want to destroy.

Please know that this has been going on for over 16 years with the FBI trying daily to damage and harm my life. It is always not going to be this way but in the end, GOD will show them a thing or two about KARMA and it's going to be amazing when they come back to me and apologize for not believing that this is a karmic universe.

The FBI seems to think they can dish out what they do, cause me to suffer at great lengths daily and that they will walk away with blessing after blessing. That simply won't be the case always. And they keep it up as if they are doing me a favor.......they are not.

I ask that the good Christians reading my blog tonight say a prayer for me. I am being marked by a cult that the FBI has told them all about me and have gone as far as to show them my photos on FACEBOOK.

Which leads me to a another wrongdoing that FBI simply has no problem with, which is tapping my email at home and at work and tapping my phone. They have recorded conversations with family and friends and they have access to all of my text messages, emails, and even this blog.

Yet they keep on dishing it out.

So I will ask those of you reading to keep me in prayer for protection against the satanic cult that seems to think they can waltz right into my life just because that is the FBI's will and intent.

Thanks so much for reading this.

May peace be with you always.


I did not make it to class after all

I guess I was wrong about being looked out for at my school. I got bad anxiety about how they profiled my car after I was going to go to class and ended up having to leave with my special guidance from several people's special guides giving me instruction as to how to leave the situation.

Basically, I am in tune with spirit guides and special families and souls from heaven. I meditate at least a half hour a day on most days and developed a special connection to the other side to keep me safe. I also use Archangels and Archangel Michael mainly to keep me safe from harm.

At times, I will have to leave situations abruptly if I feel that I am in harms way. Tonight was an example of this happening.

I also believe in Jesus and his healing power in my life. Some of my favorite authors, like Joel Osteen, keep me believing that God has my best interests in mind and that someday I will be blessed with a safer, more prosperous life. Until then, I ask that God fights my battles for me and I ask that GOD show me the path to safety. My path with God has deepened considerably in the past ten years but in the past year, I have had to rely on God more than ever. Mainly through people's spirit guides guiding me and helping me. I have had guides of friends and family, special agents, celebrities, old friends, and randomly enough, President Obama's special spirit guides have helped me too.

I am very in tune with love and the Lord's will. The love I have for my friends and family is above and beyond the norm to most of the FBI. But I do cherish each and every one of my friends and family and I love them dearly. I have fought hard to remain safe so that we can keep on enjoying life together.

I want whoever to know that is reading my blog that I will keep you in prayer always. You are special to me for reading this story and I want you to know that your family on the otherside wants you to know that you are A OK in life. They want you to know that they are always with you in some form or another and if you are open to seeing a sign from them, then at the right time, they will show you one that is meant just for you.

I also want my friends and family to know to take my situation lightly. It is bad enough for me having to fight what I fight but I am stronger and more capable because of it.

I have seen what love can do to heal and that is my prayer always for those in sickness and in sorrow. Believe in something greater than yourself and you will feel that God has the power to heal any situation. God can build your life to a whole new level if you just believe that he has the power to do so. God is working miracles in my life unbeknownst to me and God will work with your special soulmates to heal you in a time of sorrow.

I believe that everyone is gifted at love on some level, even the EVIL that I deal with daily.

And I believe that everyone is special to someone else, regardless of what they have done in life.

So the lesson from today, is to believe in something far more greater than you or I and to believe in the healing power of love.

I hope you take with you a special guide in life to wherever you are going. And I hope you can put a smile on your face during the challenging times.

And I hope you can hug your families and know that they love you and cherish you and will be with you every step of the way. And God especially is healing in times of trouble.

And I hope that GOD loves the satanics less not but I hope that God can show them the way.

And I hope that God can give you all the love you have back time and time again for me and my family and our safety.

With special love and healing from heaven,

I am signing off.

The Unit is Quiet today........

The unit is the special group of agents who have it out for me. They are beginning to realize that publicity is embarrassing to themselves. I have one more class tonight to finish off my first master's degree class. I will be taking another class this fall or this summer but need to make sure I can handle saving two thousand dollars for the course. The latest plot I might add is to ruin school, make me look like a failure and then make it appear that I am hopeless about life. This is not a new plot. The FBI pulled it on me in 2008 when I attempted to get my human resources certificate. I spent two thousand dollars then to take classes and had to give up halfway through because they were in the process of driving me insane. They use a special combat energy when they want to destroy people. They already started using it on me today. I am trying to maintain my energy. As for summer, I want to hang out with friends and save my money for my fall class. But if I dare go to San Jose, the FBI has already threatened to tip off some low life people my friends address. You see my quandary right? My beater Honda civic is easy to break into and tamper with for the right scum mechanic. Tonight, the CIA agreed to cover my school because it is an honor to attend graduate school. Tonight, I am safe. Or so I hope. To all who read my blog, please keep in mind that God loves me and protects me. Please do not worry deeply about my situation. May peace and joy be with you tonight and always. Thank you to the agents doing the right thing!

To quit smoking is fightingly divine

The FBI now claims that they got into my desk to ruin my gum to make me quit smoking. Ha!!!!

Sure that was the reason.......

So I will oblige the FBI and not smoke again until I have time to buy non-poisoned cigarettes.

The truth is.....all cigarettes are poison.

So I was going to make a point less today.

And more to the point, the billionaire in Los Gatos wants his name not known at this point in time.

And neither do any of the FBI agents that communicate with me daily.

Mainly the good FBI are the people who make my life work.

They stick up for the right thing always.

And they usually get to win occasionally.

The bad FBI usually win more often though.

I refer to them as GOOD and BAD FBI because they do not want me making it about SATAN VERSUS GOD.

And that is exactly what it is.

So the Good FBI is happily making their rounds at hospitals never and the Bad FBI is checking in to how they can break into the Kaiser Pharmacy so when I order my medication, they can get into it that way.

No, I may not be able to protect myself if that happens. But I will protect my family at all costs and I will protect myself at all costs.

I do appreciate the Good FBI and how hard they work every day. They should be blessed many times over but many of them feel bad for me. They know I am fighting Big Brother tooth and nail and may not win. Or I may. I believe in the bible verse that says "No weapon formed against me shall prosper." And I will continue to pray every single hour of every day to win an epic battle of GOOD versus EVIL.

I am obviously GOOD. EVIL is obviously mistaken that they have a place in the Bay Area that is not prison.

Many of the satanic culties as I will refer to them as, have found me through being tipped off mainly by the FBI. They are not that psychically trained on how to know where someone is located down to the second. And I have a feeling the CIA needs to know that information.

Good luck trying to accuse me of wrongdoing.

I have never and will never knowingly harm another human being in a physical world.

And you may read out my past life, but that was a century ago or more. I didn't ask you to hold me accountable for a lifetime I couldn't remember as of my birth in 1976. And you, being the FBI, did anyway.

God Bless You!

May many blessings and good things be in your days!!!

If the story is confusing, it's because I am not making sense

So here is the latest from the FBI.

Be generic with how I tell my story.

Which means I cannot use names of the special agents who psychically communicate with me.

By psychically communicating with me, I mean we have a telepathic connection through their special training.

Basically, they sit in a room together and elevate to an energy field where they can read my thoughts and share their thoughts with mine.

I know this is an undetermined way to get my point across.

I know that I do not want to be killed by the FBI ever.

And today, they broke into my desk again while I was in a meeting for an hour and a half.

I had rigged up my purse by specifically taping up my box of nicotine gum. They ended up undoing the tape in an obvious way and leaving the box open.

And my desk was locked.

So I suffer greatly from the FBI tampering with my things. I have to carry my medication into meetings with me for fear they will get to it.

And they are not letting up with their murder threats towards me.

And I have written the Danville Police Department today to warn them that the FBI may be pulling some funny business in my home soon.

It is not only me that the FBI has victimized. Three of my really good friends are targets of theirs as well. One of them has been psychically tapped into to "hear" the thoughts and energy of the satanic FBI and one has all sorts of ideas about intelligence that she should not have and one, I'm not sure her experiences, but I know that she is read out every few days by the specially trained agents and her future does not feel safe to her.

Basically, today's latest post is a request for prayers around me and my family and my beautiful friends. Please pray for us to be protected and surrounded with God's love. It is tough enough going through the challenges that we all go through on a daily basis and then to have the FBI victimize us in a way that is very harmful to many just because they have the power to do so, well, it's sad.

Thank you for reading the latest post.

God be with you always.


Good Luck FBI trying to revolve around SATAN

Here is the thing you should know about the San Francisco FBI. They are currently working under a SATANIC Leader. The leader is part of a cult in the Bay Area.

Now I know most of what I write sounds like a huge misconception but it simply does not serve anyone to have our government working under leadership of anyone but GOD.

Today, while I was in the cafe at work, a man psychically vibed me "Hells Angels" in his thought form.This leads me to talk about how the major hate crime against me started.

A bunch of false rumors made by the San Francisco FBI agents reading out my thoughts during a tragic death that occurred in South San Jose about ten years ago.

These agents then turned the information into gossip around Los Gatos, where a prominent billionaire, who hates me because I am "stuck up" and didn't smile a whole lot as a waitress in Los Gatos, decided it would be fun to start a psychic hate crime against me.

And the plot thickens.........

So no more Facebook posts.....for now......

Today I would like to share how embarrassing my blog was to my mother. She is humiliated. And the FBI made it extremely likely that I would die today on their death pool. I went viral with my blog on FB. And it's already dead. But if you think I am humiliated?????? You can think again.

The intent of the FBI is always to make my death look like a suicide. They will stop at nothing to get it done.

A little bit about the FBI, they have intelligence to know exactly where I will be down to the second. So if I leave my office and go into a meeting, they break into my desk to get to my medication. And if they get to my medication, they can poison me and make it look like a bad reaction to my medication.

The same goes with if I leave my purse in my bathroom for five minutes.

They break in down to the second that I will be in another room and out of earshot and then they will chemically code my medication or nicotine gum. Yes, I am trying to quit smoking and yes, it is difficult with all of the death plots against me.

And the CIA does nothing but pray I will die too.

And so does the military and navy officers who know I will soon divulge intelligence secrets.....NOT!!!!

Has anyone seen the movie Men Who Stare at Goats?????

That may explain intelligence at it's finest.

And yes, the FBI has tried to kill me with energy techniques like in the scene where George Clooney kills the goat with his mind.

And yes, they are that deadly with energy weapons......only I have a stronger weapon.

And that weapon is GOD.

Thanks so much for reading today's post.

May you be happy, healing and safe in your day!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My life is not normal but I may be dead

The FBI using their wisdom never has decided to postpone arresting people in an EPIC hate crime against me.

Tonight I will need prayers if you can to see that the following people are kept in my home always:


The FBI profiles me and my whereabouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have classified tools to undo any lock in my home, even though I specifically put up three new hotel style locks to keep them out. They also stole our spare garage door opener at one point in time.

Their agents welcome themselves into my home without any of us inviting them in.

They have damaged most of my clothes with small tears and ruined many of my high heels. They have stolen photographs and damaged my itunes account.

They have also threatened to chemically code my shampoo, conditioner, and face soap with NAIR and other more detrimental chemicals at this point in time. The same goes for our food in our home.

I am frightened at all times because of the San Francisco FBI.

They are an awful organization that does more harm than good for the American public.

I have more stories but will try to relay them at a later point in time.

Thank you all for reading some of the horrors that the FBI puts me through.

So here is the deal......

I have been bipolar, not by nature, but as part of the San Francisco FBI's project to make me pay back karmic debt from a past life.

As a teenager, I was profiled by the neighborhood FBI and put on a bipolar project list. At the age of 19, I had my first experience of being psychically tapped into by specially trained agents and it has been absolute hell ever since.

I will be telling stories daily of how they have plotted to harm and ruin my life.

I will be telling you the truth in all of my stories.

I will be saving my life in the process.

If you don't think I am bipolar enough, it's because I am a grounded individual with lots of love from my family and friends.

I also have a special connection to the other side. I am telepathic as a result of the BIPOLAR PROJECT by the San Francisco FBI.

I have to warn all of you that my life is in danger and has been for over ten years.

But thanks to the grace of GOD and my family and friends, I have been kept safe from being killed.

And not only that, but special souls from the other side help me all day and every day. Many of your grandparents and special families help me out in every hour in every day.

I will not know how to thank all of you in advance, but I don't discuss this aspect of my life and choose to keep it to minimum conversation.

I value my time with family and friends way too much to let the FBI damage my life any further.

And they know they want to kill me off as quickly as they can.

I will not let them.

I will start sharing stories starting from the age of 12 to the age of 35, my current age.
And I will be sharing them with um, let's say, not humor and some humor.

God Bless You All!!!

To my best friends and my dearest family, I love you!!!!