Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Luck FBI trying to revolve around SATAN

Here is the thing you should know about the San Francisco FBI. They are currently working under a SATANIC Leader. The leader is part of a cult in the Bay Area.

Now I know most of what I write sounds like a huge misconception but it simply does not serve anyone to have our government working under leadership of anyone but GOD.

Today, while I was in the cafe at work, a man psychically vibed me "Hells Angels" in his thought form.This leads me to talk about how the major hate crime against me started.

A bunch of false rumors made by the San Francisco FBI agents reading out my thoughts during a tragic death that occurred in South San Jose about ten years ago.

These agents then turned the information into gossip around Los Gatos, where a prominent billionaire, who hates me because I am "stuck up" and didn't smile a whole lot as a waitress in Los Gatos, decided it would be fun to start a psychic hate crime against me.

And the plot thickens.........

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