Friday, September 28, 2012

To South San Jose FBI......please tell me your manners matter

So tonight the FBI did the ultimate no no.

They sent in a gorgeous supposedly looking like me girl to a bar in South San Jose where the Hells Angels hang out.

And they stirred up some gossip and more lies about things I have never done.

Mainly rat out a Hell's Angel leader......which the Los Gatos FBI did with the San Jose Police Department.

Not me.

And the girl playing my supposed double bought a black honda civic....just like mine.

And she said she was me.

And then she lied again and said I put her up to going there.

Think again Juan.

Think again Juna for playing my double.

And think again Hells Angels if you come near my house.

And by the way, I love South San Jose. More than my own town of living right now. And I love the people I grew up with and everyone I ever knew in South San Jose has pretty much been awesome and amazing.....just saying.

And basically, I hate low life FBI running codes and ruining my life.

And basically, it goes to SHOW that they really are fucking stupid at times.

And yes, when the FBI lacks a good leader, it shows.

And people can start apologizing to me again.

And then we'll see a leader show up.

Just saying.

God Bless You.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The San Francisco FBI upped the ante and now I'm fearful again

The death threats will be constant. They have pretty much guaranteed me of that.

And life affirmed life is how I choose to live my life.

So I will affirm that I am healthy, eating nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day, taking vitamins and fish oil, eating right and back on track with doing yoga.

I am also happy because I have a wonderful family and the best of friends anyone can ask for.

So to the FBI, STAY OUT OF MY HOME!!!!!

And stay out of my car.

And stay out of my life!!!!!!

And I'm sorry that your death plots cause me distress but in no way shape or form do I ever want to die young.

And I am taking all of the necessary precautions to lock my house every single day.

Do not break in my house.

And if you don't get the message that your death threats are NOT OKAY, maybe you'll be repeating life lessons in an  alternate universe called REALITY for AMERICANS!!!!!!

God Bless You to those that read my blog and thank you to the good kids for saving me with your love and humor.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Military in Dublin, Ca is giving me a literal migraine amongst other things

These men are telekinetic ally moving things around in my home. They have so far turned on a faucet and moved a wash cloth with a dry sense of humor.

But the most disturbing is that they are putting an energy field of black around my eyes and my head and I'm feeling the results, which is a migraine.

Please stop you assholes.

I didn't do anything to deserve it.

And if you want a bigger life lesson, ask God in heaven before making assumptions about me and why a team of psycho FBI agents are doing this to me for. It is a hate crime with no other basis than starting a hate crime to absolutely shit on someone.

Please stop harming me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The San Francisco FBI is threatening my life too big to die old

Basically Danny crews need to be done. Done homocidally threatening me. Done breaking into my home and damaging my new clothes and new shoes.

Today, they plan on breaking in the second I drop off my stuff.

Too bad is the team looking out saying.

And for those five minutes of destroying my belongings.....they are buying a lifetime according to my guides.

I have said time and time again. Stay out of my car and stay out of my home.

If God has a plan, maybe they will want to repent before breaking into my home today.

I only have so much prayer for them with God's mercy. And then it will be too too bad for them.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sarah five and Alyssa montag bitch are putting holes in all my clothes

I can sense them rummaging through my room. All of my clothes, books and photographs. That is basically all I own. I am not made of money and have worked hard for the few things that I do own. And they are damaging most of my stuff for fifty grand from Gordon.

Pay back has never not seemed right to the FBI. But these girls have entered into my home without my permission.

I expect to come home to scratched shoes, unthreaded clothes and small tears in all of my clothes.

I am sad.

I have very little money to replace all that they damage.

So universe!!! Do it big!!!!

God bless you!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Starbucks in Los Banos.....took money from FBI and Gordon

I stopped at Starbucks in Los Banos yesterday and felt some really creepy energy as I walked in the door. I work with spirit guides and a dark guides presence overtook me. I proceeded to do as he advised. Within ten minutes of drinking my coffee, I felt drugged. I was drugged and relaxed but fearful at the same time not knowing what was happening. My true guides told me that Valium had been placed in my coffee and the coffee shop was paid fifty grand to do it.

Today I am sad. Obviously, God is teaching me a lesson.

I hope I am not killed by the FBI and Gordon any time soon.

Monday, September 17, 2012

7,448 page views on my blog

Each page is a view. But I have been plugging to the media. I am that scared. I am dealing with criminal masterminds and the all powerful FBI. They have ways and means beyond mine. And they absolutely hate me.

Most wish I was dead already. But luckily for me, I have survived. When I say the FBI and Gordon have a Hitler mentality, it is because they have put me through a personal crisis for sixteen years that is my own personal holocaust in a way. They have abused me and emotionally victimized me and tried to kill me with all of the methods listed in my blog.

And some of these psychos have the gall to call themselves more American than me. Really?????,,

I am the one who trusts in God and the laws designed to protect Americans. I am not homocidal or evil or vindictive or unusually cruel like most of the FBI. I take accountability for my actions. I try to right my wrongs. And I believe in following the rules of God, as said in the bible and the laws designed to protect Americans from harm.

And I worship God in a Christian way. And I pay my taxes. And I support various causes with monetary contributions. And I am proud to be an American.

For you scummy people that want to call yourselves American even though you don't abide by the laws of our country.....go ahead. But don't expect to get special treatment.

I certainly do not want my government killing me.

And I respect those who are life affirming for me.

And to those that believe Gordon is God, think again.

Corrupt, greed, power. Those are the things he stands for.

God Bless You.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The FBI is throwing around some scary terms......

Basically they keep on telling me about contract killing. It is scary. They know exactly where I am staying and exactly how to make it happen. And because the FBI are professional remote viewers and psychic readers, they can make it go down however they want to.

My family has never done anything to Gordon or the FBI. But they insist on making me suffer.

The other avenue the FBI is talking about is hiring private investigators to throw a lawsuit at me for my blog. Apparently, they are letting me know in advance through their telepathic agents that this is how it should work. And they are threatening to supposedly institutionalize me with their lawsuit.

I am more worried about the contract killing threats at this point in time. It is very scary when all of this information is classified and I would have nothing but my blog and my friends and my family to defend me.

I have been journaling through this blog what the FBI has put me through. But they, of course, will deny the whole thing and say I have mental health problems.

I am scared a little today. They have all the power and they are victimizing me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am a victim of many FBI agents at this point

Too many to arrest all of them. And they all want their money from Gordon. He made his fortune with their help.

I do not want to die or be killed by the FBI.

I have made that clear.

I have thirty years of excellent health ahead of me according to my special spirit guide who is my Grandfather on the other side.

They have already covered my blog by burying it on the Internet.

I hope they can just stop victimizing me and leave me alone.

I think the President would agree that now five hundred civilians know what I know about the FBI. My blog is being read by many.

And to the FBI who are evil, please disappear my from my life. Don't ask about me and certainly don't stalk me anymore. Stay out of my home and car.

Thank you.

God Bless You.

Gordon is no longer in charge of the San Francisco FBI .....just kidding

He is adamant to his superiors in prison that he will pay them. But people are getting done with his Hitler ways.

As for the FBI leaders, they are still trying to kill me. And they look sick, evil and disgusting to people who are sensitive to energy.

For the record, I have never committed any crimes besides driving under the influence a few years back. And I did not get a DUI. I believe in accountability though, which is why I am owning up.

People need to be held accountable. The FBI has absolutely ruined the past sixteen years of my life. But as soon as the death threats from Gordon and his FBI friends started, I have been pretty scared and very hurt by their actions.

I have to rely on GOD to get me through all the voodoo that Gordon pays voodoo artists to perform on me. And as for David E. and Bob M. surveillancing my every move using intelligence, I have to be diligent about staying safe.

And as for the military in Dublin, trying to energetically murder me with the know how more advanced than in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats, I have had to work extra hard to save my life.

I want them all to be held accountable.

I want them to own up to me that they have greatly harmed me and basically made my life a living hell.

And I want them to apologize.

I have already forgiven them lightly.

But they have caused me suffering beyond belief.

They just completely victimized me with no mercy for shots and giggles.

And even when I do cry , it is always a chance for them to code death pool even further. I have stayed strong less and more to protect my heart and my life.

But boy did they make me sad with all the pain they caused me .

I want them held accountable.

By the laws designed to protect our country. The laws that as law enforcement, they broke and caused many harm.

Thank you to the teams saving my life. So much love and gratitude to you.

God Bless You!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gordon has paid more than I can handle to kill me

David Of the acting agents in SF set up a meeting with the director of the FBI to meet Gordon the billionaire.  It is scary.

To the American public, Hollywood is what the Danville Police Department told me that this sounded like.

But to a billionaire wanting his bucket list of my death accomplished, the FBI means business to kill.

God Bless You!

I have quit smoking to prevent lies from destroying the FBI more or less

The FBI is always backing schizophrenia as a project. Basically they pick out people from neighborhood profiles as in agents are constantly profiling people and then put them on a list for adulthood demise.

Basically, it is not a secret. It is well known among people with the disease that the government is doing this to them.

It is also a big secret less to the medical community.

But I have a plan to overcome it less.....not.

I will continue to blog.

I will continue to look into literary agents to write a book and a movie script for me.

And I will continue on a path of health and well being.

Please don't keep up the death threats FBI or CIA.

I've paid my karma up and then some.

God Bless You!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Off to Hollywood is where I want to go

Please stay out of my home FBI. Please stay out of my mind. Please stay out of my aura. Please stay off my property. Please do not get into my car.

Stay away from my life.

And yes, Hollywood is counting blessings for a schizophrenia story to happen with FBI know how.

God is predominantly telling you a gift. Let a good kid have her day. And that good kid is me.

Bless u always good kids.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dealing with bipolar is easy less never not

I don't really struggle with depression or mania as of this past year and a half. I have some very special agents practicing their healing techniques on me as well as using spirit guides and angels to guide my every move in my life.

I have been actively working on my relationship with GOD for quite a few years now. This includes medication as part of that regime but it also includes eating right, yoga, meditation and lots of prayer.

As a result, I am completely at ease to discuss my bipolar disorder with people who question it. Yes, this has been a very trying experience and it causes me a lot of distress and angst. But for the most part, I am happy. And I am happy to announce that it is time to move on from the FBI in six weeks or more. Mainly because I don't choose when I get to move on.

The specially trained agents tune into my chakras. And they use ways and means to keep me protected less and less and they use good agents to keep me entertained most of my days.

And yes it is confusing to someone who does not experience what I experience. I telepathically connect with other souls. And I receive spiritual guidance all day every day to keep me safe and out of harms way.

And yes, my family and friends think I am absurd writing a blog like this. But I have no other way of protecting my life and my future if I can't stop the San Francisco FBI from their wrongdoings.

And yes, they have read out my future again and destroyed yet two more avenues which I can make a living and have a boyfriend again.

And yes, it makes me sad.

And yes, they want to kill me for a billionaire to complete his bucket list. These are money hungry, greed motivated individuals in charge.

And I am the victim of this. And I want my story told and I want to restore and renew my life with new opportunities. And some of those opportunities I will be trying to create by writing to literary agents to get a book or film made out of my story.

And I need to make a life for myself outside of my parents house someday, mainly so I can be a healthy, productive and successful adult. And the FBI is just too intent on destroying my life because their leaders are 1. homocidal towards me for money from a billionaire and 2. some of the leaders are satanic.

And if this is not scary enough, they will not stop their death threats against me.

And I want Washington DC to do something about it.

And yes, no one understands or believes it, but you haven't walked a day in my shoes. I am grounded enough to understand that many of you would just rather have me not prosper and live at my parents forever and have things be exactly same. And that is not good enough for me.

I want to be successful and start dating again and move on in my career without the constant stress of death threats.

So to clear up why I have this blog. I want to stop the San Francisco FBI from victimizing me and destroying me and I want to make a book or movie out of my experiences.

Thank you for reading tonights post.

God Bless You.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bob acting agent in charge blew my life away again lightly

He is being paid seventy five million dollars. It is in an offshore account. He will wine and dine at the city's finest restaurants with sexiest women. And I will spend my days trying to keep safe in my home. And if I dare leave my home, my car will be chemically coded again and I will get sick. Either that or I will end up in the emergency room like Bob and his cronies plan. And then when I'm sick, he will plot to kill me further.

And this is just shits and giggles fun to Gordon and Bob. They have knowledge beyond most to kill people. And of course, there is zero accountability.. And of course with her millions in an off shore account, they just want me dead.

I have written at least seven churches requesting prayers of protection around me. They will continue to make it look like I've died of natural causes.

News flash. I am healthy happy and believing in God more than ever to save my life from these homocidal people.

Please do not mess with my blog is being requested by my angels. Do not tamper with my side of the story. I have several dear friends following on facebook and quite a following by the public with over six thousand page views.

I want a safe and blessed life.

God Bless You.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Death pool is alive and well

FBI easily kills me off with universal coding. It is a manipulation of energy to kill someone. And they want me dead.

If I survive another six to eight months, it will be through prayer from churches. And even then, the FBI wants to win the death pool money set aside by Gordon. He is offering thirty five million dollars to whomever can code my death for his bucket list.

These people are already manipulating my friends and family to ignore me more. They do it through vibes like I am annoying or just a burden. And my friends just think this is their natural inclination.

So God has a new plan. May Gordon get the prayer he needs to live a fabulous life as always with his billions of dollars and may I fight again tomorrow to survive.

Yes. He is a psycho Hitler type of man with a lot of power. And I am just this victim that is forced to live with less. And to the Christians wanting his money, Jesus has a gift for you. It will be a sad life of repaying your sins and sustaining faith. Just like I have done.

And to my closest friends, I love you anyway. I know I may be too much for you with their energy manipulations but I adore you always.

God Bless You!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Danny and Dan and Obviously some mental cohorts are agreeing to go to prison soon

Dan is under the impression that breaking into my home and paying my medical bills is a good idea. And Danny likes Alts a lot but needs to get back to his murderous fuck you's to me. And obviously switching personalities is only a code nowadays. There are four to eight Dans and none have multiple personality disorder. But all eight have intent to kill me.

May they live a good life.

But if I feel one more plot on my life line to kill me, the lord is going to have a death pool too big for the adult's kids next spring.

And that is just a guess.

Stay out of South San Jose, Boers crew.

And get a life going for your children. Called a trust fund and custodial guardians.

God Bless You.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The military is paying me back for my blog post yesterday......

They are now using telekinesis to view my home and move objects in it. And they have threatened radioactive materials in my car.

STOP!!!! is what one agent is yelling at me.

But I have nothing left to say never not.

Good luck being a homocidal threat to me and my code red friends.

And think again if my Dad is going to pay your GI bill.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Military ops in Dublin California is trying to kill me with energy waves

Energy waves are long distance energy waves similar to long distance Reiki except designed to kill. And these men think they are doing me a favor. Fuck you is my response.

Kill or be killed is Hitler's idea tonight of a good time.

And seven girls on the Internet are white lighting their futures.

Disgusting, unethical and zero clearance for at this point in time.

To you pathetic little gromlets that want to be billionaire bitches, think again.

And thank god CIA is intelligent enough to know that I will stay up all night if need be.

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