Sunday, September 16, 2012

The FBI is throwing around some scary terms......

Basically they keep on telling me about contract killing. It is scary. They know exactly where I am staying and exactly how to make it happen. And because the FBI are professional remote viewers and psychic readers, they can make it go down however they want to.

My family has never done anything to Gordon or the FBI. But they insist on making me suffer.

The other avenue the FBI is talking about is hiring private investigators to throw a lawsuit at me for my blog. Apparently, they are letting me know in advance through their telepathic agents that this is how it should work. And they are threatening to supposedly institutionalize me with their lawsuit.

I am more worried about the contract killing threats at this point in time. It is very scary when all of this information is classified and I would have nothing but my blog and my friends and my family to defend me.

I have been journaling through this blog what the FBI has put me through. But they, of course, will deny the whole thing and say I have mental health problems.

I am scared a little today. They have all the power and they are victimizing me.

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