Monday, September 10, 2012

Dealing with bipolar is easy less never not

I don't really struggle with depression or mania as of this past year and a half. I have some very special agents practicing their healing techniques on me as well as using spirit guides and angels to guide my every move in my life.

I have been actively working on my relationship with GOD for quite a few years now. This includes medication as part of that regime but it also includes eating right, yoga, meditation and lots of prayer.

As a result, I am completely at ease to discuss my bipolar disorder with people who question it. Yes, this has been a very trying experience and it causes me a lot of distress and angst. But for the most part, I am happy. And I am happy to announce that it is time to move on from the FBI in six weeks or more. Mainly because I don't choose when I get to move on.

The specially trained agents tune into my chakras. And they use ways and means to keep me protected less and less and they use good agents to keep me entertained most of my days.

And yes it is confusing to someone who does not experience what I experience. I telepathically connect with other souls. And I receive spiritual guidance all day every day to keep me safe and out of harms way.

And yes, my family and friends think I am absurd writing a blog like this. But I have no other way of protecting my life and my future if I can't stop the San Francisco FBI from their wrongdoings.

And yes, they have read out my future again and destroyed yet two more avenues which I can make a living and have a boyfriend again.

And yes, it makes me sad.

And yes, they want to kill me for a billionaire to complete his bucket list. These are money hungry, greed motivated individuals in charge.

And I am the victim of this. And I want my story told and I want to restore and renew my life with new opportunities. And some of those opportunities I will be trying to create by writing to literary agents to get a book or film made out of my story.

And I need to make a life for myself outside of my parents house someday, mainly so I can be a healthy, productive and successful adult. And the FBI is just too intent on destroying my life because their leaders are 1. homocidal towards me for money from a billionaire and 2. some of the leaders are satanic.

And if this is not scary enough, they will not stop their death threats against me.

And I want Washington DC to do something about it.

And yes, no one understands or believes it, but you haven't walked a day in my shoes. I am grounded enough to understand that many of you would just rather have me not prosper and live at my parents forever and have things be exactly same. And that is not good enough for me.

I want to be successful and start dating again and move on in my career without the constant stress of death threats.

So to clear up why I have this blog. I want to stop the San Francisco FBI from victimizing me and destroying me and I want to make a book or movie out of my experiences.

Thank you for reading tonights post.

God Bless You.

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