Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year Joys

Top ten reasons why I hate Satan:

1. The whole satanic cult in the FBI is evil.

2. The whole satanic cult in the FBI is filled with pathological liars.

3. The satanic women are vibing and psychically reading out my future to seduce only good looking men that they see in my energy field.

4. The satanic men abuse me daily by practicing voodoo on me and paying a voodoo artist in Los Gatos to hit me and punch my face psychically every single day.

5. The satanic cult is making bad excuses for why the billionaire bitches t-shirt that they had embroidered were a good idea less.

6. The satanic following in the FBI extends way beyond the FBI and it will endanger my life even further with the gossip and lies that they spread around.

7. The satan leadership thinks Gordon is cool still and wants more money from his bank account to keep up the killing me for his bucket list idea.

8. The satanic cult is getting the option to rehabilitate yet the FBI leadership is still strongly advising that I be murdered humanely.

9. The satanic cult is getting popular good looking people to vouch for them and their lies with millions of dollars flowed to them by Gordon.

10. The satanic cult is miming and implanting thoughts into my friends and family energy fields with psychic know how. And knowing it's not true is the least of their worries.

Less never.

God Bless You and special thanks to an old elementary school friend's spirit guide who is their grandpa on the other side for helping me write this post. xoxo

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The San Francisco FBI has had a change of leadership.....

Not for the better, I am afraid. With the replacement of acting agent in charge, the new acting agent in charge is just as satanic as most of the agents directly beneath him.

They think murder is aok.

And it is not.

They have already paid a South San Jose agent who is a friend to put something in my drink at upcoming parties.

I cannot and will not be able to avoid all these people at parties soon.

With the understanding that I am a victim of a hate crime, I am sure he would actively refuse less too. When the FBI gives an order, their agents are expected to follow them.

I have lost a lot of respect for some of the good kids less. They still treat me amazing and they are loving, sweet kids.

If I happen to turn into a good kid follower, it's because I am too sad about my life less. I like people who are good people with integrity. I like people who treat others well and with respect.

God Bless You.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all the good FBI kids and adults

Merry Christmas FBI!!! Thank you to all the good kids who make my life bearable and humorous and keep me going in a special way.

Merry Christmas less to the top secret SATANIC cult leader try outs though.

Yes, the FBI still has a strong satanic presence.

And yes, they humiliate me less and more never always.

God Bless You!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One of my biggest obstacles is to get the FBI to stop remote viewing my future and paying off restaurants to shit in my food

Yes. I have eaten out very little in the past year. Maybe a total of 24 to 25 meals in a restaurant for the past year and a half and that mainly includes fast food. And yes, the FBI has remote viewed the exact time I will be there and then tipped off Gordon the billionaire to send in his goons to pay off the restaurants to absolutely ruin my food. So far, I've had shit, piss, valium, spit and visine dropped in food that I have ordered out in many restaurants. Usually, I won't eat and box it up as to not make the people I am with feel like anything is wrong. Gordon usually pays about $3,000 per server to do this dirty work and has paid up to $50,000 on certain special occasions.

The FBI is not held accountable for their remote viewing of my days and using coordinates to determine my exact time and place of eating. And they are not held accountable for being billionaire bitches. And they are all pathological liars when it comes to telling the truth about why I am suffering so much.

Over 25 restaurants have been paid off. Including fancy restaurants, Asian restaurants, Starbucks, good eating in Walnut Creek and many fast food places.

I am sick of being a victim of this behavior. I will never be able to date again as long as the FBI psychopath Schizophrenia project team is allowed to run codes and ruin my life.

I ask that they all suffer less and get more CHURCH time if they are not going to be arrested. Because the Lord in heaven is getting angry and will karmically see to it according to the bible that vengeance is his. I have done nothing to retaliate as I have zero power and no one believes me.

But my family suffers and can't understand why I can't eat out with them at the Chinese restaurant we go to every year in Pleasanton at Christmas time. And I want to be able to enjoy my family this year.

So I will blog every detail of what my entire family is going to be put through at our annual Chinese food night out. I cannot stop the restaurant from poisoning all of our food but my family doesn't believe that GORDON the billionaire exists, thanks to all the mimes and thought implants.

If you are reading my blog, CIA, do something about the criminals and ask that the victims, which will be me and my entire family, including children, get renewal and restoration in our annual dinner out.

Thank you.

God Bless You.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The FBI may have tampered with my blog a little too big.....

The whole point of my blog is to make money not less never........

But Gordon the billionaire is having tea and crumpets with a billion dollars and he wants to kill me for his bucket list to be over and done with as he so put it.

And then he will need to kill just a few other people on his bucket list.

God sees you delete my light hearted blog posts.

Please stop before you ruin your own blessings in life.

And yes, the bill was for over two hundred thousand dollars for your Christmas presents, Ali and Sarah.

Spoiled but rotten and not getting away with it for too much longer.......

God Bless You.

Clearances and clearances but the FBI is fucking me over too big

Once again.

And everyone that got clearances should not be afraid of GOD. Or more to the point, they should be afraid of ALIEN NATION less never.

But I have to deal with psychopath FBI agents on a daily basis. I also deal with the most loving, most caring, most beautiful in heart and soul agents too.

And they all agressively call my mimes away never less.

Thank you to all the good kids who make my days brighter with your love and humor and good looks and charm.....I love all of you for making my life!

As for the FBI trying to murder me, they will keep it at it.

And I will try my hardest to stay positive and happy and keep everyone informed of the latest and greatest death threats.

Thank you to all of you who read my blog.


God Bless You!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CIA clearance to murder me

I am sobbing. I donated $300 to his campaign. I work so hard to stay alive and fight for my life. I feel devastated.

God Bless You CIA. I will give you a run around huge. And you will be devastated just like me if you succeed in murdering me.

Thank you to friends and family for defending me

That includes all the good kids in the FBI and all the friends who read my blog.

I am still having high anxiety about being killed.

I guess the President knows it now that I have written him over ten emails regarding my situation.

I have asked to live until I am at least 80 without being killed of humane energy weapons of mimes.

I hope most people realize that my blog is a ok to publish and that I want to move forward and be compensated for all the years of hardship and pain that the FBI has put me through.

I will be asking to sue the FBI for twenty million dollars. I deserve it and quite honestly, no one has walked a day in my shoes. I keep a smile and a good attitude for friends and try to for my parents but I have been through absolute hell for twenty years and I would like go be blessed at some point with my hopes and dreams for my life.

God Bless You.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If any friends or family experience voodoo, please contact me

Gordon pays voodoo artists and he has it practiced on me at least twenty times a day if not more. And according to friend's spirit guides, he is practicing it on people I know.

If you feel it at all, please let me know.

My plan is to subpeona the FBI records at some point and sue the shit out of them for what they've put me through.

I want them to pay for every single abusive, homocidal and downright cruel and inhumane thing they have put me through for over twenty years.

And the past ten have been well enough severe to anyone's standards.

God Bless You.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The FBI is training nurses to be hired at Kaiser to kill me

The FBI is hiring thirty RN's to work at various medical offices in the East Bay Kaiser system. Mainly to kill me at some point when I will have upcoming medical problems.

They see me as a waste of time. They ruined my life and now they want to move forward with murdering me.

I am healthy but the military keeps miming black energy on me and I have a reaction to it physically. These are government trained skilled energy technicians that are learning black magic and voodoo. It is scary.

I am fine for now. I have faith in God. God is amazing, wonderful and he is good to me.

God Bless You!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It has come to my attention too rudely

The slutty whores in the FBI are passing out Hepatitus C and HIV to people I know.

I am sad and angry.

They have a vaccine for both viruses.

They need to make them available to the medical community.

Now preferably.

God Bless You!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Satanic cults suck but does the world have to end?

I practice calling Archangels at least two hundred times a day. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel, Uriel, Zadkiel, and Jophiel. But mainly Archangel Michael is the angel I use to protect myself.

Tonight the satanic leaders in the FBI decided to call on Lucifer for two hours straight. And within two hours, they got clearance to have me murdered by my family members and not by the President under stress yet.

To all of my family, I have very little to say to you about respecting life when you have been very well made your points.

I will fight to live to the very end of my life.

God Bless You!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The CIA was in and out of my house in five minutes flat tonight while we were eating dinner

I do not want to be killed or have anyone in my family harmed. But the locks on our doors are really easy to break into. Especially with CIA and FBI intelligence knowing exactly how to do it.

I am scared. I am praying with all of my heart. I did nothing to deserve this hate crime and I am a victim of a hate crime. There is no reason why they are doing this to me other than to pay me back karmically for something I did three centuries ago. And then the FBI let the billionaire GORDON in on it and he wants to kill me for shits and giggles to complete his bucket list before he dies.

I am sad. I am scared. And I want to be safe in my home with my family.

Please pray for our protection.

God Bless You.

The FBI is trying to destroy my family less never.......

They won a just a little too big in the past two weeks. They had me convinced that my whole family wanted me dead. And they took a little too much of my mental health away from again. I was hospitalized for five days.

I am sad that they have this power. I am sad that they victimize me. I am sad for the emotional abuse they put me through daily by having their specially trained agents communicate with me telepathically.

Mental telepathy. A big government secret. But it is a reality for me daily.

And so it will be seen that I look mentally incompetent to my friends and family.

But in the end, the government is looking at a life of crime as a fight to live less never.

The FBI is A OK to let me know that I am going to be a nothing forever. And they are coding to keep me out of employment for at least another year with their current leadership.

This week I was offered a job paying over $50,000 as a salary. But I had to turn it down due to the FBI tipping off Gordon that I would be in San Jose and he could pay a hit on my life there.

It is obscene to most people that I have not done anything in this lifetime to deserve this type of hate crime but I have to pay dearly for something I supposedly did over three centuries ago. And if the Lord is again and again taking time to get back at me they's because karma rules over centuries. And karmically people in the FBI are getting very sad and scared.

I love all of you who support me and heal me and love me. You mean the world to me.

God Bless You.