Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year Joys

Top ten reasons why I hate Satan:

1. The whole satanic cult in the FBI is evil.

2. The whole satanic cult in the FBI is filled with pathological liars.

3. The satanic women are vibing and psychically reading out my future to seduce only good looking men that they see in my energy field.

4. The satanic men abuse me daily by practicing voodoo on me and paying a voodoo artist in Los Gatos to hit me and punch my face psychically every single day.

5. The satanic cult is making bad excuses for why the billionaire bitches t-shirt that they had embroidered were a good idea less.

6. The satanic following in the FBI extends way beyond the FBI and it will endanger my life even further with the gossip and lies that they spread around.

7. The satan leadership thinks Gordon is cool still and wants more money from his bank account to keep up the killing me for his bucket list idea.

8. The satanic cult is getting the option to rehabilitate yet the FBI leadership is still strongly advising that I be murdered humanely.

9. The satanic cult is getting popular good looking people to vouch for them and their lies with millions of dollars flowed to them by Gordon.

10. The satanic cult is miming and implanting thoughts into my friends and family energy fields with psychic know how. And knowing it's not true is the least of their worries.

Less never.

God Bless You and special thanks to an old elementary school friend's spirit guide who is their grandpa on the other side for helping me write this post. xoxo

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