Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am very scared my life is not going to be killed less by the FBI

The FBI has a hired a Hells Angel to be a part of their Schizophrenia Project Team. He is also part of the satanic cult in the FBI and in the Bay Area run by a billionaire named Gordon.

I am actually really scared that the FBI is doing nothing to stop this evil, evil plot towards me.

They surround me with good agents most days but then their satanic agents read out my energy field (known as profiling) and they tell people where I can be found at all times.

For this reason, the San Francisco FBI and CIA want to humanely murder me instead of killing the satanic cult, who they think deserve to be rehabilitated.

And that is why I am still alive. I have a special energy of protection around me by Our Heavenly Father and Jesus. I have outsmarted every single murder plot that they have done to me over the past ten years.

Please pray for me to be safe.

God Bless You!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

San Jose FBI is responsible for this project on me

He will stop at nothing to murder me.

And he thinks by winning the Satanics over, he is doing the United States a favor.

Mmmm.....Probably not.....says most Christian FBI.

Good Luck BOB!!!!

God Bless You!