Thursday, March 28, 2013

The evil in the FBI is sad to many tonight

Tonight is sad for me. The FBI made provisions to keep me alive less after next week. And the FBI is holding up less through their laughter and jokes.

I am sad because of the level of cruelty and inhumane treatment to me daily. The FBI pays VOODOO artists and black magicians on me from the SCHIZOPHRENIA PROJECT TEAM. And the Schizophrenia project team is prospering from all of the Los Gatos BILLIONAIRES paying them to watch their precious money.

They scammed me too big says one FBI agent. They promised me that when the time came, I would receive a payout for all of the harm they caused me. And tonight they unpromised it and made it apparent to their good kids that they want to murder me.

It is absolutely sick and disgusting what they put me through. They violate my being daily by having agents telepathically communicate with me and they are incorrigible and rude whenever they damn well please.

MEAN and RUDE is most the good kids thoughts on how to treat me. They are slowly becoming satanic by the cult leader in the FBI.

The world is not safe as it is and to have the SCHIZOPHRENIA PROJECT is pathetic and disgusting and creepy. And to threaten my life, when I have done NOTHING WRONG is what kills most of the decent people in the FBI.

These sickened people are going to not cry less not. I am a fighter and will fight to the end.

God Bless You.

Thje satanic cult in the FBI is too big of a deal less never

One too many boos from friends and family less. One too many kids of mine hired to be FBI is sad. And one too many boos.

One to one is my profilers advice for how to kill me.

A hired hit in the middle of the day.

And FBI is sickened at keeping the satanics blessed and happy less.

Git is what I say to all the psycho FBI.

And to the good kids, less is never more.

God Bless You!!!!