Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gordon wins less never......

He is the billionaire Hitler of our times and supposedly owns California. He has paid off San Francisco FBI and now I hear from the good FBI that San Diego FBI has been paid too.

Did anyone notice how most Olympic athletes are from the bay area? No mistake when Gordon is involved. He owns California.

To Governor Jerry Brown, please take action to prosecute. To Washington DC, please arrest your double agents.

No one should suffer as much as the victims of this man have. He victimizes us because he has the power to. He knows that basically we are a bunch of unknowns that the media would leave alone if he paid them enough.

By the way, San Francisco thinks it's a ok to voodoo me. And they think it's a ok that their agents homocidally threaten me for money. And this is supposedly our law enforcement.

Not to mention profiling where I am at all times to mess with me and my life at all times. I can't even go to a restaurant without Gordon paying them to spit or put visine in my food.

Thanks for reading my blog.

To be even creepier.......

The San Francisco FBI is having a sad idea to let one of the creeps in Los Gatos who works for Apple to tap my phone GPS style to know where I am at all times. The main vain wants to wipe his hands clean of this situation and move to Los Angeles to be a highly paid watch dog for the billionaire club.

It is not only Gordon at this point with the money to make things happen. Seventeen millionaires are up and coming in the Silicon Valley and want to kill me off for their death pool. They are all unemployed less never but they are ex FBI agents. They quit their jobs with a signed contract from FBI to take five million dollars.

Sad but true.

To Facebook, no one will never believe this not. But something sad is happening to my life all because a few rich people wanted to murder me.

The FBI will continue to do anything to make me suicidal.

Sick disgusting paid off FBI agents.

And my dad is not ok with me being murdered.

Neither is my entire family.

To sad people who have no power, turn to Joel Osteen books.

God will eventually prevail.

God be with you.

Too many people went balls out psycho over me

Los Gatos people only. They are all entranced in a money pit to be the coolest, most hip, creepiest people that want to run San Jose and Los Gatos and slowly but surely the East Bay and the Peninsula N the city. They assume being the richest and least moralistic is the sure fire way to get there. There are too many creeps for the FBI to keep track of. These people who are satanic culties with a psychic longing to own California have the FBI wrapped around their fingers. They assume paying the leaders was the right way to control the bay area. Mainly, there are sixty men in each area that possess the right look, talk and know how of how to be the most fun and downright immoral to get what they need in life. Money. Sex. Power.

If the every day person was lame as all shit to them, they figure out a way to put them to death. I happened to defend a girlfriend when one of them ruined her car in front of  C B Hannegan's and when psychically read out, these men in Los Gatos thought they would hire a hit on me.

I have suffered from numerous death threats and acts of voodoo for ten years because of this group of supposedly hip, owning the Bay Area group of men.

In the end, prison will look lovely for many.

God Bless You.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Men Who Stare at Goats again tonight

About ten men are staring at my heart through a photo trying to kill me. Scumtastic FBI agents. I use Archangels to protect myself. God wins. Satanic FBI can slither away into prison with their now totaling over 300 million dollars paid to the San Francisco FBI. Scum up bigger less FBI.

They have also indicated that they will try the same technique on my family. These a trained psychopaths with intent to murder.

Please be aware that my family is in excellent health.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aliens are here to stay people

There is a sad day for FBI. It's today mainly. There are Aliens all over the East Bay. They plan on doing nothing but analyzing how Americans live. And they will report back to their planet. It is in another realm. Someone I love dearly has been hired by the FBI. This girl means the world to me. I can't reveal to any of my friends who she is. But she has my heart and knows I love her. She is amazingly fun with people and has a special way of relating to everyone in the American public. She cares about human beings too but it may be a little tricky for her to connive to murder me. I adore her and her family. Nothing will change that. God Bless You!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Funny you might not think

Most of the people hired to deal with me and some other victims are not college educated. They have A.A. and A.S. degrees from local community colleges. They don't hire from the FBI less than a class act not but they hire people based on their good looks. It seems like they profile people to become psychically projectable to make their hiring decisions. President is not aware of this. Neither is Congress. I deal with people with severe mental disorders and satanic energy in the San Francisco FBI. Some of the most amazing people are without degrees which is why they were hired to deal with victims and aliens. They all hate me because I value a different set of values. I believe if you are hired by the FBI, you should be educated on some level before being taught intelligence. Some have the same beliefs as me and some do not. The problem with most of these people is that they are A. Without solid values and B. they have very little desire to help the American public. Most would rather be on a reality tv show. To some of my best, I love that you are the right material for the job. But most of these people are not mentally wrapped right and the FBI now just hopes they will commit suicide to clean up the problem they created. They made a big fucking mess of my life and they still want me to die. However, most of the aliens want these people to die now. E.T. Is basically what the FBI is hiding from the American public. God Bless You!

Monday, July 23, 2012

To Alyssa's sweet dreams of Livermore Valley always

God. Love. Trust and Healing. These are what I love about the good kids. They know drama and poaching and lying and cheating to get ahead suck for everyone. Mainly Alyssa does this daily. And Someone upstairs is giggling at her misfortune as a mother. To win is too important than being a great mom. She would have to be honest with herself about where she got four million dollars. Ruby Hills mainly is her home less in six months. And her baby will be lucky to eat at her grandparents home. But she is still under the impression that everything should be handed to her. Today she admitted on tape to being a millionaire. Prison anyone?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

To pay me back......

The FBI is taking their good kids and making them death pool energy. Which means they will have to pretend to like me less and more in order to get me to die. They will be emotionally blackmailing me in the upcoming weeks. And it seems like most of them are afraid of how they want to kill me. It is a military level of energy coding and it will be scary for me in the upcoming months. There will be no good done according to the Satanic cult leader in the FBI. By the way, the whole FBI M.O. Is to deny this story. I would like people to refer back to the movie Men Who Stare At Goats. This is really happening to me and these are psychically trained agents.

Tonight I was victimized in a satanic way

Juna B has taken my pain to a whole new level.Military reads out my future and then let's Juna know how to destroy it. Online dating is how she is being paid to destroy my life. She will date anyone who contacts me and will conveniently never disappear from their lives if I happen to get in a relationship with them. Basically she has Barbie Doll looks and can get any man she wants. And she was paid five million dollars to be with any man that has contacted me. And with the FBI knowing exactly how to tap my email and other private stuff like my bedroom, she pretty much won a round a little too heavy for her own life. A high class prostitute is what she is. And that is according to all of the good kids in the FBI that know I suffer all day every day with Dan and San Jose FBI destroying my life. Good luck Bob.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Washington FBI has been notified

They quickly denied any knowledge of telepathy and hung up on me without saying goodbye. And yes, they were in my home today chemically directing chemicals into every room of the house. I am happy to report that they will not stop trying to kill me not. They have made even greater plans to kill me and my family. From the spiritual perspective, that is a big no no. To the FBI, you have denied me my right to life. May God have mercy on you. I will persevere on and try to live to the best of my ability. Please stop trying to murder me. Cat, Andrea, and a few others are keenly aware of your death plots. May love and healing be the way. May God show you a gift. Please leave me alone. The epic hate crime cannot be proved but it is experienced by all. You don't need to murder me to have a great life. In fact, God will show you death pools are lame at this point in time. And to Gordon and Nico and Bob, take your millions and eat again where the elite eat. French Laundry anyone? God Bless You!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another shitastic day

The FBI will not let me leave my car alone. Meaning they will continue to put chemicals in it that mess with my eyes. Yet when they mess with my medication chemically in my car they have more bad karma debt to repay. I guess it gives Dan and San Jose FBI great satisfaction to know I am suffering all day long. He likes karmically paying people back for their past lives. Since he shows zero mercy on me, he has never had that much suffering in his life, he thinks God is pleased with him. If he took ten minutes to check in with people in six months from now, he will hear a very different story. One of sadness and pain that apparently has nothing to do with this situation. And it could have been prevented by showing mercy on me for something I did in the eighteenth century. So god needs to explain the bible to people and mainly the ten commandments and how the bible teaches you to have forgiveness in your hearts and mercy on others. I am not some spoiled little brat with no problems. I have worked for at least twenty years now. I started scooping ice cream at the age of fifteen. And basically I have very little money. So to those in the FBI that said I could spend everyday in the emergency room this summer, you may want to restate that to your own lives. Actually you may want to ask a prayer request team to pray for you. Because quite frankly, your brand of evil is disgusting to many. I will sit in my car protecting it all summer long from chemical coding and you will be sadder for the loves you absolutely shit on making those decisions. And you being God always know how karma works not. But if you're sick of karma, so am I. I have paid and paid and paid through years of suffering. And if you can't allow God's blessings, you will see God show you no mercy at all. To the FBI, get to church. It won't be that bad to see how Juna fairs with a bible. God Bless You.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Their next bullshit scheme to kill me

They want to tamper with my blog after they kill me and say the pressure got to me with my mental health. Not true unfortunately. And they are chemically coding my car any time I leave it anywhere. And of course, because I start my masters degree course tonight, they are threatening to take that away as well. God has a plan though. 150 double agents need to go to prison for thirty years or more. And some will breach less. And others will of course if they feel that they will be murdered. Just spent the day at Kaiser signing up for health classes like mind body stress reduction. I'd say I'm in great shape to fight this battle. I am healthy, choosing to be happy and taking action to maintain my mental health under the death threats from the FBI. God Bless You!

The FBI has seen better days and still better days

They think I should be put in the emergency room every day this summer. They have a group of forty five men actively trying to murder me through chemical diuretics on my steering wheel and then they think they can cut my cord to earth my using energy weapons. I feel like shit right from their death pool energy but cannot leave my car for fear of more chemical coding. The more I end up in the emergency room, the more they wipe out my finances and mental health and if the chemical coding doesn't work, they will try the suicide route again. Did I mention they have fifty million dollars of death pool money to make this happen? Gordon  apparently owns the San Francisco FBI and has offered to pay fifty million for my death. Sick, disgusting, cruel and inhumane is the way of the FBI. Too bad for Stephanie D who took six million dollars to retire on. After all, she will not be running the FBI for very much longer. And for other states, I deserve to be left alone. Not stalked around the east bay with murder threats. And so I will have to fight that much harder. Chemicals in my bloodstream will never be found in the way you designed them to murder me. But obviously, I am in great health with plenty of love in my life. God Bless You!

The FBI chemically directed my death

The FBI is now putting a chemical in my car to cause my death. It is like cloroform but a diuretic. They have made it clear to me I can spend every day in the emergency room. They have zero qualms with murdering me. They know the chemical cannot be tested in my bloodstream. And I am lightheaded and dizzy today and trying to drink plenty of fluids. They honestly think they can get away with murdering me this way. Please write your local newspaper with my information in case this does not stop. I am in great health and a victim of the FBI. And the San Francisco Chronicle Editor has read all of my emails with their death plots. This is not funny and they still have clearance to murder me. To my friends, I love you all dearly.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A good point made by one of the good agents

The FBI is willing to do anything to cover this story. It's embarrassing that one hundred fifty double agents took money from Gordon to protect his criminal activity. It is against the law and the double agents think they can pull off the biggest heist known in FBI History. Too bad they victimized me and my home in the process. Karma. What goes around comes around. Vice Versa. God Bless You.

An FBI agent is sending me creepy anonymous text messages

Yes, it does sketch me out a little. He did send the texts anonymously and he was just downright creepy and stalker ish. Like the type that would rape. So please be aware of FBI trying to undo this creeps connection to me. I don't do anything weird or weirdo like to warrant strange anonymous texts from some deutsche bag. He would not identify himself after me asking three or four times. After everything I already go through, I would like a break from stalkers and creeps in the FBI and in Gordon's psycho group of friends. Profilers are disgusted actually with the San Francisco FBI. I should be kept safe and there have been way too many leaks as to how to find me at any given time using intelligence. God Bless You!

Monday, July 16, 2012

San Francisco FBI is as homicidal as ever

They insist on not healing me again. So they can energetically implant cancer energy into my body. They have sixty people in the San Francisco FBI ready to start implanting the energy into my body. These are sad pathetic and just downright unethical people. They are not protecting the American public but looking out for their criminal agents and the billionaire Gordon from Los Gatos. It is fucking sick to feel them try to energetically murder me. Please keep me in your prayers. Love you all who look after me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gordon is blowing through lines of coke and stalking me around San Ramon

And the Washington DC FBI does not do anything about it either not. Gordon is not mentally wrapped right. He went balls out psycho over me having a subtle resemblance to Jennifer Aniston. Like stalker style and epic hate crime with his billion dollar fortune. According to me, he is a psycho creep. He just happens to have the money to pay off San Francisco FBI. It pisses me off that I have to sit in parking lots to stay at night when my parents are not home. Because the San Francisco FBI stole our spare garage door opener and know how to break in through the front door too, I am not safe to go home at night without my parents there. Several death pool agents have offered to murder me in my home and make it lOok like a suicide. So for the past eight months, I have spent at least three nights a week sitting in parking lots. You can imagine how old having a bunch of fucking psychos after me it's getting.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Francisco DNA is amazing

The Dan Bowers cartel needs to take a break. A long one. The San Francisco FBI has found a cure for HIV. They forget the blessing of this and continue to unspread herpes. Go figure. For those who did get a cure from their HIV virus, count it as the biggest blessing you will ever know. Thirty million other people in the world do not have this blessing. You act entitled yet you do nothing to show gratitude for God's grace upon you. Maybe you're too immune to grateful people. Maybe you've never donated a dime of money. Maybe it's time to pony up to two or three causes for each creep advertising themselves on my dating website. And yes I have accurately viewed your photos. You may think you are all that but there are only one or two women pretty enough for you and your big psycho ways. Poach you fucking freaks of nature. And when Dan gets sad just remember Tina is his true love always.

To the FBI whores, please stop trying to seduce people I know

The FBI is a fairly young organization with their leaders. Not many people are good at their jobs after age 50. They simply pass them on to new careers. The good FBI already have a million ideas of how to line up their dream lives after their tour of duty. They become better and more successful at other endeavors. The psycho FBI stick it out for career longetivity. They know how to play their cards right. The thing about the psycho FBI is hate crimes never stop. These people have no morals or values that are worthwhile at all. Money, sex, greed, power. Welcome to FBI credo. May good FBI win always more. Good FBI believes in God. And in miracles. And in blessings. Psycho FBI manipulates energy to obtain those things. May God be with all of them always.

The playboy model in the FBI is trying to destroy my life

She is breathtakingly gorgeous. And she coded to screw and seduce any man I may possibly meet in the near future. All she has to do is wear a sexy outfit to a bar of her choice and take him home with her. For her sake, I hope she forgets that she is in debt to me already. Because I'm sure her guides are pointing out years of pain she is signing up for. God be with her always. And may god take mercy on those satanic FBI agents trying to destroy me. God Bless You!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love my spirit guides a lot

They love me a lot. But they lie sometimes a lot. And I believe their lies. They want me to question what I want in life. I am already a victim of a major hate crime. I want to be restored. I want to get married and have kids. I want a safe life. I want to eat in restaurants again with no threats to my food. I want to date again. I want to own a home in Pleasanton or Livermore. I want to finish my masters degree. I want to get a higher paying job. I want to be safe again. And God is a god of restoration and renewal. God wants to go something fresh and new in my life. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables in my home again. But today FBI got into my home again and chemically coded my blueberries. They are satanic and trying to destroy me. I don't know how to fight Satan. A cute guy at Peet's coffee gave me a list of churches to try to go to. I will start this weekend. I hope FBI does not follow me around to get into my car to chemically code it again. God Bless You!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The FBI sneak into our home while we are in it

And put chloroform vapors in my room. Of course they want my death to seem natural. And they have zero qualms about sending in a skilled agent to anyone's home or office I am in to tamper with my medication. I felt like they were going to do it today at my best friends house and I had to keep on moving my purse. I pray that they get the message that it is not ok to kill me and I am in great health with a long life ahead of me. My spirit guides have confirmed this for me and for them. Please stop with ruining my life. It is not ok. And don't even think of breaking into my home tonight.

They are threatening my parents again

Not ok. Please take action. These are criminally insane FBI agents.

The trials and tribulations of life

My life is awesome and amazing with the wonderful people in it. Tonight's death threat is to break into my room through my window while I am sleeping and leave a suicide note. To all the psychos in the FBI and the CIA. Your inhumane cruel and just plain psycho ideas are not ok. They are not ok with America. They are not ok with God. And if you don't stop.....maybe you'll spend the rest of your life paying. And when decent hardworking people who earn their money are paying your organizations with taxpayer money, maybe you just don't need to work for the American public ever again. Someone is going to show you a gift. I'd take it if I were you. God Bless You!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The CIA takes killing me very seriously

They have now threatened to send out phony text messages from my phone after they kill me. . They have absolutely zero respect for human life. Their death threats are inhumane and cruel. This is the worst evil possible to deal with. Many of the FBI ethics committees feels sick for me. They went too far is what most people think. All because they wanted to pay me back for a past life prior to 1976, the year I was born. It's getting to the point that if they want to have a blessing again in life, they, the CIA agents and the FBI agents need to be in prayer for life affirming love to surround me. As usual, this is going on Facebook.

Some of the secrets they've leaked......

Schizophrenia is a government backed project. We will never send another man back to the moon because another galaxy threatened us. They use specially trained agents to implant thoughts into the American public. And now they have clearance to kill me because I know this information. My dad can't handle my death. Neither can I for that matter. God bless you!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thankfully I embody American values

So true. I love God. I love family. I love my bestest friends. I love America. What I do not like is people breaking laws that are designed to protect us. Think about it. Most people want safe lives. Most people want forgiveness for wrongdoings. Most people want love in their lives. May God take kindly on those that ask to be forgiven. May God bless them. God Bless You.

The navy is parked right next to me

Intuitively I can sense he has the agent orange chemicals ready to put in my car. He justs sits in his car right next to mine and is waiting for me to get out. Whatever you psychos. America does like psycho government less. Navy guy is gonna have to leave. Adios Navy guy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The FBI is energizing my immediate family and my close friends to hate me

They've already energetically done this to most of my close friends and my brothers wives. So if you read this and you already like me less, it's because thirty men sit in a room and focus on your energy field with hate towards me.

The FBI will code murder for me always

They pretty much guaranteed me a life of much more hell on earth. They have made it clear to me that they will severely manipulate my energy and try to kill me any way they can by slowly wearing my life out as they put it. They will continue to gas fume my car and they will continue to break into my home and they will make sure that I never work again.

My parents are not ok either according to them. They will lightly acidize all of our food and they will slowly kill all of us.

I guess President has no problem with them doing this.

Neither does the DEA.

Neither does Congress.

And neither does anyone in our federal government.

They made it clear that they will manipulate all of my friends energies and all of my families to make me isolated and alone.

They have seven thousand agents lined up to the dirty work of shitting all over me and they could care less about their karmic debt to me.

They expect me to commit suicide as soon as they can get me to and they expect me to die by eating acidized food at various places of their choosing.

These people are viscious, sick and evil. They have zero problems murdering me in any way they can.

I will be asking every church in the East Bay to pray for me and my family and I will be asking them to read my blog.

This is not ok.

This was not what God wanted for me.

God Bless You.

Agent Orange the chemical and lethally injecting me with my medication are the latest death threats

I need to put up new locks on my bedroom doors as the CIA is keen on breaking in and trying to lethally inject me with my medication. They have also threatened to use agent Orange in my car. This is fucking ridiculous to me that I have to fight so hard to stay alive.

How much do I plug my blog less never?

Never. Winston Churchill said never never never give up. And I never will. God is friendly and lOving. He wants all of his kids to be safe and doing right by the world. CIA may take Winston Churchill to the level I do. They may never give up trying to kill me. I will never give up trying to live. May the first to give up win. I will be posting my blog daily and writing the same people daily. God Bless You!

Intelligence plays God to me too often for God

CIA is trained to kill. They have zero qualms about doing it. The FBI is trained to take orders. That is intelligence. Now if Hollywood has a clever way of making this look like it's just in the movies, it's because you all choose to deal with it that way. I am Jason Bourne at this point. Not very funny. God Bless You!

Gordon is now paying off all local San Ramon restaurants to put visible in my food

According to guides, Gordon has paid five restaurants fifty grand to ruin my food. Good luck American FBI covering. Good luck.

I gave my Facebook password to my brother and they are threatening to change it

And take down my blog. The FBI is making psychic agreements with each other to kill me and come back in another lifetime to repay their debts. Bad idea. These are sick, cruel, evil individuals.

The FBI made fifty keys to my car to pass out to their double agents

The CIA is trying to get copies at this point. They will continue to put chemicals in my car like tear gas and radon and they are threatening to use agent orange. I will be writing even more people on Facebook. This is absolute bullshit you evil scum.

The FBI made fifty keys to my car to pass out to their double agents

The CIA is trying to get copies at this point. They will continue to put chemicals in my car like tear gas and radon and they are threatening to use agent orange. I will be writing even more people on Facebook. This is absolute bullshit you evil scum.

The FBI made fifty keys to my car to pass out to their double agents

The CIA is trying to get copies at this point. They will continue to put chemicals in my car like tear gas and radon and they are threatening to use agent orange. I will be writing even more people on Facebook. This is absolute bullshit you evil scum.

The FBI has official clearance to murder me and take down my blog

If you have read my blog, please do something creative with it. I would like it made into a movie in my honor. I would like you to contact the editors at the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times for details of what I have emailed them and sent them on Facebook. I love you all who have read my blog. Please take action in the event that I am killed.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The FBI is on my driveway sweeping around my parents cars

They mean murder on a deep level. They are not only cruel and unusually punishing me but they are twice as evil as the last fifty million they got paid tonight from Gordon. In ten weeks from now, they will all be certain of prison. They did not have clearance to tell me all of their intelligence secrets and they do not have permission to perform energy weapons on me and they did it anyways. The bipolar project was supposed to be peaceful never. They wanted me to commit suicide at age 19. And I fought as hard as I could to stay alive and enjoy the life God created for me. Thank god too many Americans are reading this.

The FBI totally manipulates my friends energies while they sleep

They practice their energy on most of my close friends. They make it awkward for all of us at most times. My friends think they are immune to most energy weapons but they are victims too. Basically, they implant thoughts into my closest friends to never believe my story and to always have private conversations about me behind my back. I know most of my friends love me but we can all hang out only occasionally. The FBI wants to isolate me even more. They think if my friends "dump" me that I will become suicidal. There are too many good people in my life for that to happen. I will deal with my close friends exactly the same. But if you ready blog, please be aware that they want to destroy me and make it seem like you are better off without me. I love you anyway. God Bless You!

My parents are unaware of the situation being serious

Yes, they ignore me and deny my story. Please do not think that gives you permission to kill me. Or them for that matter. I already don't eat in our home because you threaten to chemically code our food. And I have to protect my parents. I will be publishing this as usual on facebook.

The FBI puts gross energy all over my energy field

So basically the CIA thinks I've done a whole bunch of awful things that I have never done. The FBI encodes my energy with their thought forms and downloads and the CIA is victimizing me now as well. Please know that I forgive you to the family member that ruined my medication today. I know you were given false information about who I am and what I am about. I am not a creep or a criminal. I am a victim of a viscious psycho hate crime by specially trained agents who are criminally insane and running the San Francisco FBI. I am a victim only. I have never harmed anyone nor committed any crimes other than occasionally driving with more than one alcoholic beverage in me. I do not expect you to write a psychic hate crime off but the San Francisco FBI has two hundred double agents minus fifty working for a billionaire. They get paid big money to fuck me over any way they can. God Bless You.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another threat to drive me insane

Good luck. Tomorrow will tell a different story for the FBI headquarters in San Jose.

Tonight's threat from Frank is to energetically kill my dog

Not ok with anyone reading my blog. Your inhumane treatment of me is not ok.

It was only tear gas......

Yes, they do have keys to my car. And yes, they have joy rides in it. Yes, they quote unquote own me. Yes, I have slightly teared up for forty five minutes in my car. No they have no qualms with killing me. Yes, I have written celebrities. Business leaders. Human rights organizations. NBC. CBS. ABC. Yes my blog will eventually go viral. Stop trying to kill me FBI and CIA. I don't deserve it. You may read the akashic records again to see where you owe me. It'll be time to let me blessed sooner rather than later.

Ten years of death threats

To the FBI, no one did a thing about it. To the CIA, I am the victim. Not anyone else but me. To the President, believing lies is the game you chose. Read my blog and figure out that psycho and epic hate crime is the cards I was dealt. To Congress, thank you less and more for protecting me less. To the Interpol, catch up. Thank you for reading my blog. God Bless You!

The FBI is tampering with my blog and my mom's food

The latest threats have been to rewrite what I wrote on my blog and yes, they know how to hack into it. I am a peaceful person who wishes no one harm for the record. Yesterday, the FBI poisoned my mom's leftover food from our meal on Sunday night. I did not have time to throw it away. Hopefully my mom does not eat it and because she does not believe the FBI breaks into our home, I am not supposed to throw away her food. Maybe justice needs to be served. And maybe someone who believes in legal, ethical, moral and human rights beliefs needs to step up and say breaking into our home is unacceptable.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The ABC caught me buying beer when I was a teenager

Today the FBI hacked into my email and ruined two emails that I sent to former coworkers. They also deleted a download of my new Microsoft office software that I spent over $120 on. This is the daily abuse they put me through including at least ten counts of voodoo a day. I have no power to stop them from abusing me. I write Washington DC FBI and they take no action. I have written our President. I have written our congress and our supreme court justices. My rights are none. Everyone else enjoys the freedom and I suffer. Not the FBI or the CIA. And Gordon the billionaire gets a free from jail pass. I guess Interpol needs an explanation. Well now people know.

I guess FBI is sad

Apparently a soul mate knows what is up. May all the money in the offshore accounts be found never. Peace love and joy to you. My love for you has grown and grown. I adore our times together always less and more. God Bless You!

The FBI has already started the process of invoking cancer into my body

I guess a few weeks will tell how I feel. In the meantime. I will be plugging my blog. If you are reading my blog, please keep me in your good thoughts. God Bless You!

The FBI death pool is alive and well

The FBI takes no accountability for any of their actions. Neither do most people in the intelligence community. Gordon is walking a free man always with how the FBI rigged up my death through their death pool. The death pool is meant for victims that the government does not have the money to support. It is a crying shame to most people in the CIA that Gordon gets immunity. He is by no means ever going to prison and will be supported by the FBI always due to his funding of a large donation. Please take action against Gordon is not something the real Feds will ever do. So. I will be writing every public human rights organization in America. It is fucking pathetic that money buys a way out a life sentence in prison. God Bless You!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I have written our Congress and President about this situation

Apparently President Obama and Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer and Congressman Jerry McNerney need to be advised about my blog. So I advised them.

I would like to reiterate a few key points to these fine people serving our nation.

1. I am college educated and currently working on obtaining my MBA.
2. I have never harmed anyone.
3. I have no criminal record nor have I done anything to get one.
4. I am an American with civil rights being violated.
5. I am a taxpayer, who works hard for living.
6. I am an amazing daughter, sister, best friend, granddaughter, auntie, friend, niece, cousin and community member.
7. I have never cheated anyone out of anything.

If these are sufficient reasons for my life to be saved from the San Francisco FBI death pool, then I will ask again for Friends and Family to post a response on my Facebook page.

Thanks so much,

God Bless You!


The FBI is already planning tomorrow's break in

They are after destroying my mom's freshly made pie. They think if they can poison my mom and dad that they will win their death pool money. If anyone has a clue, they will be stopped before the San Francisco FBI is in their own death pool by other states. God Bless You!

May Ali rot in a heaven sent way

Alyssa is Ali's real name. And show up is her game. Hope she can show up when it's necessary in life. She is back to her usual tricks of victimizing me. Little does she know.....she ruined her whole life on Ruby Hill's time frame. And if she is so certain that she won again.....time will tell. God Bless You.