Thursday, July 12, 2012

To the FBI whores, please stop trying to seduce people I know

The FBI is a fairly young organization with their leaders. Not many people are good at their jobs after age 50. They simply pass them on to new careers. The good FBI already have a million ideas of how to line up their dream lives after their tour of duty. They become better and more successful at other endeavors. The psycho FBI stick it out for career longetivity. They know how to play their cards right. The thing about the psycho FBI is hate crimes never stop. These people have no morals or values that are worthwhile at all. Money, sex, greed, power. Welcome to FBI credo. May good FBI win always more. Good FBI believes in God. And in miracles. And in blessings. Psycho FBI manipulates energy to obtain those things. May God be with all of them always.

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