Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To be even creepier.......

The San Francisco FBI is having a sad idea to let one of the creeps in Los Gatos who works for Apple to tap my phone GPS style to know where I am at all times. The main vain wants to wipe his hands clean of this situation and move to Los Angeles to be a highly paid watch dog for the billionaire club.

It is not only Gordon at this point with the money to make things happen. Seventeen millionaires are up and coming in the Silicon Valley and want to kill me off for their death pool. They are all unemployed less never but they are ex FBI agents. They quit their jobs with a signed contract from FBI to take five million dollars.

Sad but true.

To Facebook, no one will never believe this not. But something sad is happening to my life all because a few rich people wanted to murder me.

The FBI will continue to do anything to make me suicidal.

Sick disgusting paid off FBI agents.

And my dad is not ok with me being murdered.

Neither is my entire family.

To sad people who have no power, turn to Joel Osteen books.

God will eventually prevail.

God be with you.

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