Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another shitastic day

The FBI will not let me leave my car alone. Meaning they will continue to put chemicals in it that mess with my eyes. Yet when they mess with my medication chemically in my car they have more bad karma debt to repay. I guess it gives Dan and San Jose FBI great satisfaction to know I am suffering all day long. He likes karmically paying people back for their past lives. Since he shows zero mercy on me, he has never had that much suffering in his life, he thinks God is pleased with him. If he took ten minutes to check in with people in six months from now, he will hear a very different story. One of sadness and pain that apparently has nothing to do with this situation. And it could have been prevented by showing mercy on me for something I did in the eighteenth century. So god needs to explain the bible to people and mainly the ten commandments and how the bible teaches you to have forgiveness in your hearts and mercy on others. I am not some spoiled little brat with no problems. I have worked for at least twenty years now. I started scooping ice cream at the age of fifteen. And basically I have very little money. So to those in the FBI that said I could spend everyday in the emergency room this summer, you may want to restate that to your own lives. Actually you may want to ask a prayer request team to pray for you. Because quite frankly, your brand of evil is disgusting to many. I will sit in my car protecting it all summer long from chemical coding and you will be sadder for the loves you absolutely shit on making those decisions. And you being God always know how karma works not. But if you're sick of karma, so am I. I have paid and paid and paid through years of suffering. And if you can't allow God's blessings, you will see God show you no mercy at all. To the FBI, get to church. It won't be that bad to see how Juna fairs with a bible. God Bless You.

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