Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gordon is blowing through lines of coke and stalking me around San Ramon

And the Washington DC FBI does not do anything about it either not. Gordon is not mentally wrapped right. He went balls out psycho over me having a subtle resemblance to Jennifer Aniston. Like stalker style and epic hate crime with his billion dollar fortune. According to me, he is a psycho creep. He just happens to have the money to pay off San Francisco FBI. It pisses me off that I have to sit in parking lots to stay at night when my parents are not home. Because the San Francisco FBI stole our spare garage door opener and know how to break in through the front door too, I am not safe to go home at night without my parents there. Several death pool agents have offered to murder me in my home and make it lOok like a suicide. So for the past eight months, I have spent at least three nights a week sitting in parking lots. You can imagine how old having a bunch of fucking psychos after me it's getting.

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