Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Funny you might not think

Most of the people hired to deal with me and some other victims are not college educated. They have A.A. and A.S. degrees from local community colleges. They don't hire from the FBI less than a class act not but they hire people based on their good looks. It seems like they profile people to become psychically projectable to make their hiring decisions. President is not aware of this. Neither is Congress. I deal with people with severe mental disorders and satanic energy in the San Francisco FBI. Some of the most amazing people are without degrees which is why they were hired to deal with victims and aliens. They all hate me because I value a different set of values. I believe if you are hired by the FBI, you should be educated on some level before being taught intelligence. Some have the same beliefs as me and some do not. The problem with most of these people is that they are A. Without solid values and B. they have very little desire to help the American public. Most would rather be on a reality tv show. To some of my best, I love that you are the right material for the job. But most of these people are not mentally wrapped right and the FBI now just hopes they will commit suicide to clean up the problem they created. They made a big fucking mess of my life and they still want me to die. However, most of the aliens want these people to die now. E.T. Is basically what the FBI is hiding from the American public. God Bless You!

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