Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gordon wins less never......

He is the billionaire Hitler of our times and supposedly owns California. He has paid off San Francisco FBI and now I hear from the good FBI that San Diego FBI has been paid too.

Did anyone notice how most Olympic athletes are from the bay area? No mistake when Gordon is involved. He owns California.

To Governor Jerry Brown, please take action to prosecute. To Washington DC, please arrest your double agents.

No one should suffer as much as the victims of this man have. He victimizes us because he has the power to. He knows that basically we are a bunch of unknowns that the media would leave alone if he paid them enough.

By the way, San Francisco thinks it's a ok to voodoo me. And they think it's a ok that their agents homocidally threaten me for money. And this is supposedly our law enforcement.

Not to mention profiling where I am at all times to mess with me and my life at all times. I can't even go to a restaurant without Gordon paying them to spit or put visine in my food.

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