Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Francisco DNA is amazing

The Dan Bowers cartel needs to take a break. A long one. The San Francisco FBI has found a cure for HIV. They forget the blessing of this and continue to unspread herpes. Go figure. For those who did get a cure from their HIV virus, count it as the biggest blessing you will ever know. Thirty million other people in the world do not have this blessing. You act entitled yet you do nothing to show gratitude for God's grace upon you. Maybe you're too immune to grateful people. Maybe you've never donated a dime of money. Maybe it's time to pony up to two or three causes for each creep advertising themselves on my dating website. And yes I have accurately viewed your photos. You may think you are all that but there are only one or two women pretty enough for you and your big psycho ways. Poach you fucking freaks of nature. And when Dan gets sad just remember Tina is his true love always.

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