Friday, July 20, 2012

The Washington FBI has been notified

They quickly denied any knowledge of telepathy and hung up on me without saying goodbye. And yes, they were in my home today chemically directing chemicals into every room of the house. I am happy to report that they will not stop trying to kill me not. They have made even greater plans to kill me and my family. From the spiritual perspective, that is a big no no. To the FBI, you have denied me my right to life. May God have mercy on you. I will persevere on and try to live to the best of my ability. Please stop trying to murder me. Cat, Andrea, and a few others are keenly aware of your death plots. May love and healing be the way. May God show you a gift. Please leave me alone. The epic hate crime cannot be proved but it is experienced by all. You don't need to murder me to have a great life. In fact, God will show you death pools are lame at this point in time. And to Gordon and Nico and Bob, take your millions and eat again where the elite eat. French Laundry anyone? God Bless You!

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