Saturday, October 27, 2012

The FBI is sadly dismantling my future with several soulmates and is not ok with the karma associated

The FBI pays satanic psychic readers to read out my future. They then have the satanics dismantle my future with the sluttiest prettiest girls seducing men on my dating website. And these girls have big time STDs. As in Hepatitus C. And so far they have seduced three men on my dating website. All because they read out my future and got on the website and set up dates with these men. And all three now have Hepatitus C. And all three have no chance of knowing they have an STD at this point in time.

The FBI is a sad pathetic organization. If you try calling their office for help, they will turn you away. And they mean business when they want to kill people. Their love of satan is too heavy for the Bay Area. They have wronged me hugely. And they will stop at nothing to kill me.

Their leadership is satanic. They seek money and other vices to heal their agents. They assign sexual partners to all their agents in hopes that they will never breach. With the perfect sex life and lots of Gordon money, they think they have life figured out. These people are spiritually sick. And many are brainwashed.

Washington DC is under pressure to get this straightened out. But they lack the guidance and vision to do it. Many have not taken leadership courses. Many are not Christians. And many know they are screwed for doing this to me. The FBI abuses me daily. They homocidally threaten me daily. And I do not want to be murdered by them., however humanely they think they can kill me. Which is to poison me at this point in time.

God Bless You for reading my blog.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The FBI is under SATANIC leadership in San Francisco

They send their trashy satanic cohorts to follow me around. Last night in church, there were at least six satanic people vibing me in my financial peace course at my new church.

And for the past week, I have been receiving psychic voodoo and long distance satanic reiki.

So if no one in the FBI gives a shit to help me out and they all want me dead, they will have hell to pay with no spiritual whatsoever of showing me any mercy or kindness. This is not a message to the good kids by the way.

I hear Gordon is done. Psychopath style I am sure are his next plots.

God Bless You!

Monday, October 22, 2012

My sports like conduct is aviable......a CIA coded death in my home less

Please stop buying things for Alyssa and Sarah, FBI. Please stop.

No one needs a bunch of spoiled sociopath girls wearing designer clothes from Neiman Marcus.

No one needs a bunch of spoiled sociopath girls owning the wait staff at Va Da Vi.

And no one needs GORDON around to pay them $45 million to dismantle my life with their psychic viewings of me daily.

So code red FBI.

You will be held accountable.

And if President needs permission to read my blog, I sent him the link twice already as well as our California Senators.

Please stop dismantling my life to pay me back for what I did in 1800's as in two centuries ago.

Move on to PRAYING for forgiveness and mercy for your psycho agents who have done this to me.


And yes, to my Facebook followers, this story is my life. It's unfortunate the FBI does this people without thinking of any consequences and persecutes me for something I have no recollection of doing over three centuries ago.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The FBI is messing around with my job hunt too big

They have taken my résumé out of my email, which they hack into quite easily and passed my résumé on to Gordon. Now Gordon is designing job postings specifically for me. He will take details off of my résumé and include them in his job posting.

It is frightening and the spirit guides say it's obvious I am not going to be working any time soon. Not with a hired hit on my life by Gordon.

And he is getting "done" with my blog too. He supposedly has a clean reputation to protect.

Please stop him FBI in other areas. Obviously San Francisco has seen better days as law enforcement.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am going to church to combat the FBI death pool on me

Last night in church, a couple I do not know nor have I ever seen before blatantly turned and stared at me and started giving me dirty looks. I ignored them and pretty much assumed that they had been paid by a Gordon follower.

And today my hairdresser may be approached to give me a bad hair cut. And Gordon will pay thirty thousand dollars to have it done.

These people are not ok with me. I have no idea who they are but they certainly know me and hate me. And it is not God like to start an epic hate crime to earn money. Sorry to be the one to tell you that.

My latest work is to pray for forgiveness and mercy on those who harm me. I hope God shows them how to correct themselves and move on to a level of love and peace and ultimately, happiness.

God Bless You.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The military is trying to make me have kidney failure

They are using a group of men to psychically voodoo my kidneys and rip them out. They have been doing it almost non stop all day. I am sad.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Vix is a CIA hit in my jokes way of laughing

The Vix is named Huyn. She is a hired hit by the government. And she sneaks into my house to see where she can hide to kill me.

These people are fucking idiots. The two agencies have no cross conversations, so the FBI is doing one thing and the CIA is doing another. Basically the CIA is in charge of killing me now. And the FBI is really going to keep on trying to kill me too.

Clue in you fucking idiots running the show. People read my blog and know I am a ok to live a really long life.

My blog will apparently be an ongoing list of FBI plots against me forever

The FBI is using my blog less to uncover crime and more to make me look crazy. The truth is, I have been praying and praying for God to help me and he is. I ask angels daily and almost hourly to help me. And they do. I would like to express my gratitude to our God and all the angels who help protect me. I would also like to express gratitude to the special agents who work really hard every day and the ones who are faithful to God are the ones who will never be without a blessing. But to the double agents working for Gordon and taking pay from the government, please do your best to leave me alone from now on.

Thanks again to all the special spirit guides and angels and special agents who make my life safe.

God Bless You.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Death machines are sad for me always on my house time

The FBI is coding death pool for me again this week. They have a contract killer who hide out on my mom's side of the bed if to kill her before me and then make it look like I did it. And that contract killer is a skilled and highly trained technician who has murdered about seventeen people in his life time. The FBI uses him when things are getting out of control. And with eight hundred thousand dollars owed to the IRS by David E., he needs the money Gordon promised him for completing Gordon's bucket list of killing me.

To end that side note story as David E puts it, he will need the Hells Angels to break into my home as well. Just like Frank Lemore taught them how to break into my home. And with no proof of who did it, the FBI can sweep this under the rug.

The story of mine seems outlandish. But the billionaire and the FBI leaders like this situation to be EPIC. They want to move on from the FBI and be filthy rich with crazy and wild stories to reveal to each other over and over again.

This group of elite criminals won a major battle with the Washington DC FBI. David E came up with the ultimate fabricated story to tell the DC agents and how he saved the FBI a lifetime of healing me by backing up his corrupt story.

Sickening to decent people.

May he be placed on house arrest never.

God Bless You.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To tie my story together.......

The FBI uses bipolar energy and schizophrenia as a project. They do it to pay people back for their past lives. They began using special agents to psychically tap into me energy when I was nineteen years old. These agents have been trained as special psychic agents like seen in the movie Men Who Stare At Goats. That movie showed the early 1980s and since then, intelligence has perfected their energy techniques.

When I was twenty five, a group of special agents in the San Francisco FBI began gossiping about what they psychically read and to pay me back, they made quite a few lies. And they gossiped to a billionaire in Los Gatos named Gordon. He is extremely well connected and began homocidally threatening my life with what his FBI connections were gossiping and lying about. I began receiving psychic death threats and lots of voodoo at that time.

Over the years, the FBI has gotten a lot worse with how they treat me. They want to murder me because the situation is now too out of control for them and there are other victims. Gordon, the billionaire, has all of the power cards with his money and he has paid off the San Francisco FBI to be his watchdog. And about 150 special agents look out for him.

Basically, he pays lots of different people to do his dirty work. I've had my food poisoned by him paying off restaurants. And I've entered an empty movie theater, set up by the FBI, where two men wearing sunglasses and looked creepy sat down right behind me. Gordon set the whole thing up with his seer peering into my future and his FBI connections setting me up. Most recently, Gordon paid a Starbucks to put Valium in my coffee. This is all done psychically to me. I have never had contact with the FBI although I have sent over two hundred emails and called several times. They never return my phone calls.

Their protocol is to say they are law enforcement only and to deny this entire thing has happened. A bipolar project and schizophrenia project is classified. Another reason they want to kill me.

The FBI has also threatened to make my death look like a suicide and they have also practiced murder techniques like Men Who Stare At Goats when they kill the goat. And they threaten to implant cancer energy in my body along with men staring at my photo to make me have heart failure.

These people are sick and the majority of them are satanic. They meditate to satanic energy and their FBI leader has not been caught or handled yet.

And because Gordon has all the money, he made it clear he wants me dead for his bucket list to be completed. And the government wants to stop watching out for me after they have endangered my life.

There is voodoo every single day done to me. And I have a team of agents who telepathically communicate with all day every day.

The FBI is only going to cover this story and they want me dead. They do not make this a secret.

Thank you for reading the story.

Gordon has now paid our housekeeping

According to my guidance, they were paid fifty grand. And they did exactly what Dan of the FBI told them to do. Which was to unlock the door to the garage and remove the gate I have up blocking the entrance. They moved the gate but did not unlock the door. And they have absolutely zero reason to go into our garage when they clean our house.

I have taken my prayer to a new level. I hope God in heaven sees that spiritual warfare is needed against Gordon and the San Francisco FBI. Sooner the better is what I think too.

God bless you!