Saturday, October 27, 2012

The FBI is sadly dismantling my future with several soulmates and is not ok with the karma associated

The FBI pays satanic psychic readers to read out my future. They then have the satanics dismantle my future with the sluttiest prettiest girls seducing men on my dating website. And these girls have big time STDs. As in Hepatitus C. And so far they have seduced three men on my dating website. All because they read out my future and got on the website and set up dates with these men. And all three now have Hepatitus C. And all three have no chance of knowing they have an STD at this point in time.

The FBI is a sad pathetic organization. If you try calling their office for help, they will turn you away. And they mean business when they want to kill people. Their love of satan is too heavy for the Bay Area. They have wronged me hugely. And they will stop at nothing to kill me.

Their leadership is satanic. They seek money and other vices to heal their agents. They assign sexual partners to all their agents in hopes that they will never breach. With the perfect sex life and lots of Gordon money, they think they have life figured out. These people are spiritually sick. And many are brainwashed.

Washington DC is under pressure to get this straightened out. But they lack the guidance and vision to do it. Many have not taken leadership courses. Many are not Christians. And many know they are screwed for doing this to me. The FBI abuses me daily. They homocidally threaten me daily. And I do not want to be murdered by them., however humanely they think they can kill me. Which is to poison me at this point in time.

God Bless You for reading my blog.

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