Sunday, November 11, 2012

May Gordon the billionaire never win his bucket list completion

To have me killed by the FBI is the Gordon bucket wish list.

To see me and my family suffer, well, that is obviously Satan's wish list.

To everyone who got clearance and then unclearance by your guides, it was because the FBI is trying to murder me.

To everyone who needs clearance back, just ask a family member again in a year.

 Basically, I will never commit suicide and basically I don't want to be murdered and neither do my parents and neither does my dog.

So if ALIENS are sadly leaving earth in three weeks from wiping out the entire population, it's not because I don't have clearance but because my family is a ok to ignore my request of wanting to be wealthy after EVERYTHING I WENT THROUGH for over 15 years including daily death threats for the past ten years and doing EVERYTHING in my power to protect myself from death and prayer to keep me and my parents safe. Please forgive me for thinking restoration was not ok but I deserve to be RESTORED and RENEWED after what the Gordon BILLIONAIRE CLUB and the SAN FRANCISCO FBI put me through.

Next time don't give clearance to murder me. God is watching you all get lightly sick to your souls for saying it was ok.


I don't care what lies the FBI has told you at this point in time, but I can tell you the FBI is meditating to a satanic cult cd and many of them are satanically charged and many of them want to be paid their BILLIONAIRE BITCH money from being double agents.

God Bless You.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

FBI broke into my home today and anthraxed my clothes and bedding

They put Anthrax all of my stuff is what he is crying. And he yanked down my jacket and threw off my comforter to do it.

I told my parents but they are in complete denial that anyone was in our home. I guess it is too scary.

Mainly the FBI is dead set on murdering me. And mainly with no one believing me......

They are getting away with it less.

I will blog about every death plot of theirs until my death.

They say the more evil the FBI gets, the harder it will be to control the ALIEN NATION on earth.

And Aliens are coming by the millions this year to the California East Bay area.

I have personally seen them out in public.

And the FBI has no control over them.

And they want to complete GORDON'S BUCKET LIST of murdering me.

Psychically reading our home is just one of the way's that Gordon wins over his crowd of PSYCHO'S.

If the BAY AREA is in danger of Aliens too big, it is because the San Francisco FBI is satanic and cannot lead $50,000,000 to my bank account is the joke.

And if the Aliens in the East Bay are out of control soon, it is because the satanics in the FBI are too overwhelmed with coding evilness to me and my family.

It is embarassing to the real Feds at this point in time.

They need to cover and they are.

But please know that I am healthy, happy to be alive and thankful to live with my parents being safe at all times.

God Bless You.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Alyssa is a wet dream to FBI men big time......

She is gorgeous. But in a high class prostitute type of way. And not the type of pretty that goes unnoted by many.

And she satanically remote views me and my days and then tells Gordon so she can get paid big money for her wedding to be paid off.

I am sad most of the time that the FBI employs satanic people and then unleashes them on me.

They absolutely destroy me at times too big to describe.

God Bless You to those reading my blog. Someday I will tell a better story about doing great in life.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

The FBI thinks they have my death in the bag.......

The FBI is constantly miming my friends and family. Which means they implanting thoughts into them. And they think they can get away with murdering me that way.

By the time all of my friends and family want nothing more to do with me, they will take swift action to kill me. And make it look like natural causes.

Meanwhile, it has come to my attention that all of my former Los Gatos friends have taken money from the billionaire in Los Gatos, CA. And that they will all be quiet for the amount which they were paid.

And the FBI is covering this story any which way they can. And they are upping the ante around my death with the military using energy weapons to kill me "humanely".

I have written fifty churches to pray for me. And I will write five hundred more.

I am healthy, strong and happy to live my life. Sorry you fucking LAME O's being billionaire bitches. I want to live my life and prosper. I deserve to and I will not let you kill me without the biggest fight for my life.

God Bless You.