Sunday, November 11, 2012

May Gordon the billionaire never win his bucket list completion

To have me killed by the FBI is the Gordon bucket wish list.

To see me and my family suffer, well, that is obviously Satan's wish list.

To everyone who got clearance and then unclearance by your guides, it was because the FBI is trying to murder me.

To everyone who needs clearance back, just ask a family member again in a year.

 Basically, I will never commit suicide and basically I don't want to be murdered and neither do my parents and neither does my dog.

So if ALIENS are sadly leaving earth in three weeks from wiping out the entire population, it's not because I don't have clearance but because my family is a ok to ignore my request of wanting to be wealthy after EVERYTHING I WENT THROUGH for over 15 years including daily death threats for the past ten years and doing EVERYTHING in my power to protect myself from death and prayer to keep me and my parents safe. Please forgive me for thinking restoration was not ok but I deserve to be RESTORED and RENEWED after what the Gordon BILLIONAIRE CLUB and the SAN FRANCISCO FBI put me through.

Next time don't give clearance to murder me. God is watching you all get lightly sick to your souls for saying it was ok.


I don't care what lies the FBI has told you at this point in time, but I can tell you the FBI is meditating to a satanic cult cd and many of them are satanically charged and many of them want to be paid their BILLIONAIRE BITCH money from being double agents.

God Bless You.

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