Saturday, November 10, 2012

FBI broke into my home today and anthraxed my clothes and bedding

They put Anthrax all of my stuff is what he is crying. And he yanked down my jacket and threw off my comforter to do it.

I told my parents but they are in complete denial that anyone was in our home. I guess it is too scary.

Mainly the FBI is dead set on murdering me. And mainly with no one believing me......

They are getting away with it less.

I will blog about every death plot of theirs until my death.

They say the more evil the FBI gets, the harder it will be to control the ALIEN NATION on earth.

And Aliens are coming by the millions this year to the California East Bay area.

I have personally seen them out in public.

And the FBI has no control over them.

And they want to complete GORDON'S BUCKET LIST of murdering me.

Psychically reading our home is just one of the way's that Gordon wins over his crowd of PSYCHO'S.

If the BAY AREA is in danger of Aliens too big, it is because the San Francisco FBI is satanic and cannot lead $50,000,000 to my bank account is the joke.

And if the Aliens in the East Bay are out of control soon, it is because the satanics in the FBI are too overwhelmed with coding evilness to me and my family.

It is embarassing to the real Feds at this point in time.

They need to cover and they are.

But please know that I am healthy, happy to be alive and thankful to live with my parents being safe at all times.

God Bless You.

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