Thursday, January 31, 2013

The FBI is strongly advising to stop murdering me humanely and have the military break into my home

The FBI wants to win their fifty million from GORDON to complete his bucket list still. And their latest plot is to break in through my garage and replace the blocks I have against the door to protect myself.

Everyone is still under the impression that I somehow wronged the FBI in this lifetime. And that is an energy implant by their finest technicians.

I am getting depleted less today with the help of ANGELS working to heal me.

And the universe is getting done with false accusations towards me and my life history.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The FBI is wasting my time and theirs too lightly

They spend time to murder me energetically daily. And I am depleted of my energy.

They insist SATAN is cool. And I insist GOD and JESUS are.

May the last satanic cult survive less in the BAY AREA.

And may God in heaven prevail.

To the SATANICS trying to kill me, you will have a judgement day like no other.

Hope when you become a flea or an ant that you decide to repent.

God Bless You.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The government gave final clearance to murder me less never

The FBI is earning their Purple Hearts to murder me by humane ways. The Purple Heart symbolizes they killed an innocent person. According to them, it is protect the United States schizophrenic project.

The satanic cult running the San Francisco FBI said it was advised from their best spiritual leaders, who are all satanic.

Good luck is what I say. I believe God has a better plan for my life, which is heal and prosper me.

God Bless You!!'

Friday, January 25, 2013

The CIA is having pharmaceutical technicians being hired at Kaiser

The CIA means it this time. They want to murder me and again make it look like natural causes. They have put five to ten agents through a pharmacy school and they have all been hired at Kaiser Walnut Creek.

I am sad about the murder threats towards me.

These people are spiritually sick and evil.

My angels are protecting my medication at this point in time.

God Bless You.

Men who Stare at Goats is a good method thanks to the Dublin Military saying they can pull it off

This morning the Dublin, Ca military is staring at my photo and trying to make me have a heart attack. I can feel their energy all over my body.

The FBI is earning their purple hearts for their tour on my life. The purple heart symbolizes that they have succeeded in their mission of killing me and they can now all move on.

The Dublin military promised to have this done by noon.

I am alive and will be fighting as usual.

God Bless You!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can FBI be any more evil?????

The San Francisco FBI murders for money. And they pay their Schizophrenia project team to do it. And these people are satanic and have all of the intelligence knowledge that the United States has to offer the world.

To the satanic cult destroying my life with their knowledge, may you find Jesus soon.

God Bless You.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

For those of you wondering how psychic I am.......

I am a medium like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie GHOST from the eighties.

I don't read futures or violate people and their energy fields.

But I do have conscious contact with my family and many families on the other side. I call them spirit guides.

They guide me and protect me.

I love them all dearly for helping me so much in life.

And I love all of my friends and family dearly.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ali and Dan paid off the voodoo artist for two years of rent free living in my hometown

I have been voodoo'd on for three years and I would like it to stop.

Gordon supplies the FBI with the money and their Schizophrenia Project Team carries out the payments to voodoo artists.

Not ok with me. I spend a lot of time crying or praying or both.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The FBI has made it perfectly clear that they are done with me alive

They have all the power and I have no voice other than my blog.

So I will use it.

The San Francisco FBI is under satanic leadership and has a huge cult following. All of them worship Satan and are very evil beyond belief.

The problem with keeping me alive at this point is that the Satanic Cult would then have to not try to murder me. And that is difficult for the satanic cult.

And the government is going to try to murder me every day this year according to my spirit guides.

I will have to work that much harder to stay alive through my belief in God, Jesus,  the Holy Spirit and Angels.

And I will have to be diligent about keeping my house locked up even when my parents are home according the CIA spirit guides.

The President thinks I know too much information that could keep me dead for your SATAN in America to live on.

And Satan has no business being in charge of our government.

The FBI has done multitudes of harm to my family and friends through this project they have on my life.

Which is living peacefully as I cause harm to no one. This is a hate crime against me.

And the satanic cult is powerful because no one has turned in their leaders.

I am the first to report that I am in excellent health according to all recent tests done by Kaiser in Walnut Creek and I am happy to fight for my right to life.

I will not be committing suicide or dying of natural causes any time soon.

The FBI just wants to make my death look as if one of those options has happened.

And the karma clause does apply. This I warned people about but they chose to ignore my warnings. What you put out into the universe comes back to you. I strongly advise practicing the teachings of the BIBLE to the San Francisco FBI before it gets much too bad for our entire country.

This is not a bad idea to blog less never according to an old friend's spirit guide who dumped me this week due to the FBI filling her head with lies when they clearanced her.

But I don't respect the FBI and their homocidal threats towards me and using the amount of man power every day to try to murder me. It is obscene what I go through. And I am stressed out most of the time and tired from their daily abuses.

God Bless You!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Farewell is never goodbye for good

I have heard from people's spirit guides that you wish me well but never want to hear from me again.

To those of you who wrote me off, I love you and I will always fight for our friendships to remain in a state of love.

To those of you who need time, I will give you time to heal and I love you so much anyway. Even if you were victimized by a billionaire's club of bullies.

And to those of you in prayer for me, thank you so much. I love you.

By the way, the FBI is still planning on killing me with a framed suicide. Please pray for me and my family and my friends.

God Bless You.

Friday, January 4, 2013

My heart is breaking again and again for my mom's family and my close friends

I am not allowed to ask all of you if you have clearanced. And I am not allowed to tell you that I have not clearanced.

Yes, I have been breaching less.

But I have asked for clearance once and breached and assumed that was that.

And then no one has ever brought it up to me ever. Not a single person.

No friends of my family have contacted me.

No one brings up my blog.

And my parents sort of deny the situation when  I go to them.

I have no support and it is sad.

And you all have clearanced without asking if you could contact me.

And the sad thing is.....

I have never done a thing to deserve you hating me.

I did nothing rotten to anyone ever.

And this is a hate crime against me by a powerful group of GOVERNMENT and BILLIONAIRE BITCHES!!!!!!!

I'm sorry if you all think that calling me is a bad idea.

But please do think of me as your friend and as a your family.

I love all of you.

God Bless You.

Gordon and the FBI set up prostitutes to pass out HIV

The FBI is not giving out the vaccine less.

But to my friends and family, this has been horrible for me daily for over ten years.

And to my loves and hopes, please be forgiving and have a heart for how they were seduced.

It was through satanic cults in the FBI and everyone is not ok today.

Especially me.

These people are evil beyond belief.

God Bless You!!!!!