Wednesday, December 14, 2016



And VOODOO was being practiced on me starting in February of 2003.

And the FBI Schizophrenia PROJECT TEAMS are responsible for it.

Too fucking bad for employing the utmost fucking trash in this BAY AREA for intelligence.


God Bless ALL of You reading my blog!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

FBI has broken into my house again.....

FBI has broken into my house again and didn't leave a trace besides stealing a few blank checkbooks and some address labels with my address on them.

I am very very upset. They continue to practice daily witchcraft, mimes (which are electromagnetic energy bombs), stalking with their agents vibing me out in public, voodoo daily and psychic rape at least two to three times a week.

I cannot stop them from breaking into my home. I also cannot disturb my parents any further with any more about this project because first of all, they don't exactly believe it and second of all, it is too disturbing to them.

I have yet to uncover what else they have stolen from my house.

The government is still trying to murder me for no good reason known to anyone in the FBI other than some big wigs are betting some huge money on my life being over. And the low life schizophrenia project people WILL NOT STOP their actions towards me. Which is completely violating and low life.

I am a strong Christian and I consult the bible daily on how to handle and I also call to Jesus all day long and I am a firm believer that his angels are guarding me in all my ways which is the reason I haven't been killed yet.

Please publish my blog if you ever find out of anything bad happening to me.

God Bless You!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More about what Dan Bowers and Dan Ellington did to me as well as San Jose FBI.......

I just wanted to make a few more points about what the psychopath FBI clearancing teams did to me. Not only did they clearance every single member of my family, they clearanced all of my friends on Facebook of over 200 people to become agents and kill me.

And as for my career? Well, I'd love for people to know that I worked my ass off through this schizophrenia project to get my Bachelors Degree from an accredited university and then spent another $10,000 on higher education after my Bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, the FBI low lifes in the project world were jealous of me, and caused way too many mental problems to finish my master's degree with their all day voice to skull technology on me.

And then, the Dan team went a step further and clearanced  EVERY SINGLE health insurance agency in the East Bay Tri-Valley area, either before or after I had interviewed for employment to become agents of the FBI and when that happens, they are brainwashed with meditations as agents and of course, Dan's final plan was to have them murder me if they hired me. So clearly you can see why I am out of employment. I had worked so very hard for my insurance license too.

This all makes me really really sad.

Now the FBI dishes out really more that I can handle on a daily basis with the most obscene plots to kill me.

Today, I call on Jesus. I pray that his will be done in life. As much as the FBI wants me suicidal in life, I rejoice in the Lord and my final resting place is Heaven.

God Bless You.