Monday, June 20, 2016

FBI has broken into my house again.....

FBI has broken into my house again and didn't leave a trace besides stealing a few blank checkbooks and some address labels with my address on them.

I am very very upset. They continue to practice daily witchcraft, mimes (which are electromagnetic energy bombs), stalking with their agents vibing me out in public, voodoo daily and psychic rape at least two to three times a week.

I cannot stop them from breaking into my home. I also cannot disturb my parents any further with any more about this project because first of all, they don't exactly believe it and second of all, it is too disturbing to them.

I have yet to uncover what else they have stolen from my house.

The government is still trying to murder me for no good reason known to anyone in the FBI other than some big wigs are betting some huge money on my life being over. And the low life schizophrenia project people WILL NOT STOP their actions towards me. Which is completely violating and low life.

I am a strong Christian and I consult the bible daily on how to handle and I also call to Jesus all day long and I am a firm believer that his angels are guarding me in all my ways which is the reason I haven't been killed yet.

Please publish my blog if you ever find out of anything bad happening to me.

God Bless You!!!!

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