Friday, August 31, 2012

The latest plan of action is to put lethal chemicals on my sheets

The FBI wants me dead. Point blank. I am perfectly healthy. Tonight I had a tearing up reaction to chemicals put on my sheets.

I assume at this point that the FBI wants to sweep this under the rug. Law enforcement supposedly does not believe in psychic intelligence. Mainly because it is classified.

FBI, leave me the fuck alone. Stay the fuck out of my home, my car and my place of work. I am an intuitive medium from meditating daily for over three years. Unfortunately, people may not come to turns with my psychic ability which is to connect with families on the other side.

Police work is not about psychic energy. I know you will never find a cop who believes my story.

This is classified to the FBI.

Please, I beg of you, stop trying to murder me.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another FBI plot is to frame me for a crime

Basically, they have what they call doubles to engage with the American public. A double is a perso who looks very similar to another person.

Well, a couple of doubles have been taking my car places. They always fill up the gas tank. And they have made copies of my car key when they broke into my home and I left my key out.

I do not know what they are doing with my car or my double. But obviously, they are eventually going to accuse me of something. I highly doubt good Samaritan work was done by these girls who take my car.

I reported on agents name to Washington DC FBI that I thought had taken my car for a joy ride by calling them on the night it happened.

I also blogged twice now about my car having the gas tank filled up.

Good luck FBI. You're not getting away with this forever.

The FBI's latest death threat is one they will act on

They have the ways and means to get into my home. And so when I am not here and my car is, the agent telepathically told me they will tamper with the gas main and possibly cause a car accident for my car to explode.

Please agents who read my blog. It is time to stop the death threats.

Gordon wants his bucket list finished by week end

The latest death threat is to break into my house in the middle of the night and kill my entire family and you can figure out how they'd cover. As a matter of fact, our house is locked up extremely tight and today an FBI tech got into my house as previously reported a few posts ago.

I am sad. I have asked these agents to stop threatening me. And they just don't. I have already sent text messages to my sisters and best friend to notify them of how my home was broken into today. And I made a police report with the San Ramon Police Department that the FBI put chemicals in my car.

And ir's getting to be the time to stop.  This is by no means ok with me, my family nor the American public. And the FBI is not stopping. Kill, deny, cover is their motto.

And you know what? Too bad when the universe takes a turn.

I don't deserve this. My friends and family have a hard time fathoming why anyone would do this to me.  And our law enforcement is denying it is happening.

God Bless You to those that follow my blog. I've had 6000 pageviews.

These are such evil sick people

About an hour ago, one of the agents telepathically told me he wanted me to end up in the ER tonight. Now the FBI energy techs are implanting all sorts of black energies into my body. I have to rest because they are meming me so much and pray that the Angels I call for will stop them.

It makes me sad that this group of souls is trying so hard to kill me. Every single day they give me death threats. Some they act on like chemically coding my car and some they keep threatening me with like by reading out my future and I watch it disappear with my internal vision.

I will be back to writing churches again as soon as I feel strong enough. And major corporations.

It is unfortunate that no one in the FBI sees anything wrong with this. Kill, deny and cover is their new motto. And because it is classified, they will cover it.

Because I've pissed off the homocidal FBI.......

They are going to energetically meme, which is a thought control technique to implant what they want you to think, into my friends and family.

Friends and family, don't be surprised if you don't feel like hearing my story or want to hang out with me. This is the FBI manipulating your energy.

I narrowly escaped death today

I am sitting in my front yard because a CIA tech broke into my house to implant a suicide note and kill me. As soon as I saw that he closed my kitchen door to warn me, I ran out of my house.

So the FBI, in order to make a bucket list happen for more money, will be trying to disease me by their thought implants called memes.

I am perfectly healthy. These people are using advance voodoo like energy techniques to kill me.

Not a single FBI agent thinks this is not ok. They all want me dead.

And a billionaire wants his bucket list done by month end.

Anyone who wants to know about government projects and cover ups would have to know someone. The government is skilled at covering their shady, criminal, and unethical actions.

I am not the first and only victim of the FBI.

Just to clarify FBI intelligence

They are psychically trained exactly like and in more detail as the movie Men Who Stared At Goats. They have psychic capablities down to the exact second of time. And they will always deny this. Their agents have telepathic capabilities and do chakra work and know how to outbound their souls. They make their psychic training very very mainstream. They are good looking, pop culture minded people in the FBI. They are the hippest and trendiest and funniest actually. And they telepathically communicate with me. And a group is energetically trying to kill me with their advanced energy knowledge.

I cannot protect myself from their death threats. I am praying to God all day to save me from them.

Because they don't get the Lord's message to clear their energy from mine permanently, they are not going to leave me alOne. They still think it's a ok to energetically murder me because it would look like natural causes and no proof. And the FBI thinks Gordon's bucket list is a priority over keeping me alive.

So to the FBI, take your energy killers and have them leave me alone. Please stop implanting cancer and heart codes into my body. At this time, I am in absolute perfect health. I got a physical about a month ago to prove.

And to President , I am the victim. I have never harmed anyone to deserve to be shit all over the way the San Francisco FBI has "under classified orders" done to me.

I want to live until I am eight five years old.

I want you to stop your psychic death threats towards me immediately.

I want to you to keep your agents out of my aura, my car, my home and my place of work.

I want you to not break into my car, my home and my place of work as you previously have to tamper with medication to make my death happen sooner.

I want you to stop chemically coding my car every time I leave it unattended.

I want you to not spread any more fucking rumors to Gordon about my whereabouts.

I want to be able to go to any fucking restaurant I want without Gordon paying for spit or visine in my food.

Please stop.

God Bless You.

I feel a tech from the FBI putting black energy around my heart

They would like their millions of dollars and to cover this story by denying it ever happened. The San Francisco FBI has never contacted my family. They did this because they had a bipolar project that they wanted to kill me with when I was nineteen by psychically tapping my energy. On the contrary, I have sent over one hundred emails to the San Francisco and Washington DC FBI asking them to psychically leave me alone and stop homocidally threatening me. They have never responded. I have also reported by phone the agents who stole my car a few weeks ago and I called last year to report my home being broken into with absolutely zero response.

I have written our Congress with my blog as well as the President of the United States. No one has responded although the President's office referred me to counseling. That is not the solution to human intelligence trying to murder me.

And Gordon pays voodoo artists every single day. He is pretty sincere about wanting me dead to accomplish his bucket list and the San Francisco FBI is being paid to make it happen.

I am tired of being a victim.

I do not want to be energetically murdered.

Please pray for me if you read today's blog.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the San Jose FBI has upped the ante on murdering me big time

First, he sent in a hired technician to get into my home this morning. I had to run out of my house as soon as my parents left to stay safe and to keep my parents safe. Next, I went to Starbucks. While I was in Starbucks, a tech chemically coded my car. He uses a diuretic and I have an instant reaction to it. It makes me sick every single time they chemically code my car.

For seventy five million dollars, every FBI agent thinks this is a ok. They all want their millions of dollars and to accomplish Gordon's bucket list of murdering me.

Sick, evil and homocidal FBI.

They need to be done.

And I need to live

The FBI also know I am trying to protect my parents. I rarely talk about this at home as it is too stressful. They will be plotting around this information.

God Bless You.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The aliens apparently left earth for the time being......

The FBI puts me through an enormous amount of stress and a lot of hell on hell's time. They employ about seventeen lucifer channeling agents that spend their time psychically reading people to destroy their futures. They have been doing this to me for almost three years now. These women that are destroying me are satan messengers. They are absolutely perfect looking and they have no qualms with manipulating others to get what they need. Back to money, sex and power.

And I'm the victim.

And not the FBI.

And the FBI put me through sheer hell having these very evil women read me out psychically and harass me and destroy several paths for a better future.

And this is common more and more every week.

And they read out several other women too.

And they destroy their futures as well.

And Gordon pays them well enough to do this.

And he is not held accountable by anyone.

Not the law enforcment.

Not society.

No one.

He just owns California.

He just can pay anyone to do his dirty work.

In his college days back at Stanford, he read a history book about Hitler and how he used astrologers and seers to help him accomplish the Holocaust. And Gordon took it to a level of "hip and now" in California. He owns sports. He owns restaurants. He owns music.

And people worship this man.

It is disgusting.

And he victimizes by paying special agents to read out my future and then he'll drop by places like restaurants or my place of work and pay a shit ton of money to ruin me.

Like visine in my food.

Or my coworkers emailing his team about when company meetings will be.

And so on and so on.


No offense CIA but you should have acted years ago.

And FBI, I am disgusted with you too big to ever treat you extremely well.

You sell outs for money and crime.

And I suffer as a result.

Thank god the military is treating me better these days.......not.

They think they can energetically murder me to cover this story.

Good fucking luck.

And the next time you spend all fucking night meming cancer energy into my may want to get a prostrate reading next year. You fucking asshole.

And if GOD is done as I'm so done with you better pray ALIENS don't come back with all of your hearts to finish you up........

And if Christians are giving up....DON'T.

God's got this......

Love you all who take the time to read my blog.

God is with you always and loves you so much.

Peace be with you.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The FBI in San Francisco just gave away another intelligence secret......

A group of Los Angeles agents spent time thought implanting on the OJ Simpson jury.

The FBI has zero morals.

Everyone knows it.

Especially victims.

Yes, it was the first trial for all those wondering. Apparently OJ has some pull with the FBI down there. The jury obviously felt compelled to let him go based on the thought implants.

Some FBI are tired of me being energetically harmed. Tonight agents are trying to kill me with their advanced energy techniques.

Sucks but I keep praying.......

The FBI is going to try to frame me soon

They have it planned to the t. They know how to break through the locks on our front doors. They are scaring me with energy implants into my home. They are trying to prove that they have power over me and that they can get away with murder. I am scared.

Not only is San Jose FBI a criminal mastermind but he is coding death for my whole family.

He is a sick person according to Gray Pie.

And yes, I am convinced the Danville Police Department has money from Gordon.

Please take action CIA to correct this situation sooner rather than later.

My family and I deserve to be safe in our home.

I am sad for the San Francisco FBI for a good reason less and more

They have lied to me about their forty five dollar vodka drinks at the W hotel being the end all be all in life. And they lied yet again about having a vaccine for HIV. Many of their agents are cured less of the HIV virus then they led me to believe.


The San Francisco FBI is a carrier of  HIV and Hepatitis C. They think they can infect me with it by putting blood on my parents food when they break in. These people are sick.

And one of the agents who befriended my family has Hepatitis and HIV and is married with kids.

Just one of the many reasons the FBI wants to kill me.

If you happen to read this post and are spiritual, please say a little prayer of healing for HIV victims in California.

And please think I am a ok to not be killed.

Have a nice day FBI.

Stretching my faith to receive more than enough love and blessings

I anomaly never enough. I am doing past life work soon to heal and apologize to those in a past life where I hurt people. I may be able to do it through a hypnotherapist who loves past life stories.

I don't know what I did to deserve such bad karma. The FBI is dishing out more than I can handle. They think I deserve to pay and pay. They also will need past life work done.

It wasn't enough that I suffered and suffered. It wasn't enough.

I guess if I'm not in constant pain, then I'm not a ok for the FBI leaders. And truth be told, they are evil.

I cannot leave my house today because they are threatening to break in with their latest murder plot. These people are sick.

God had shown them no way out of their death poll. Not. Please stop raping and murder plots you sick evil people.

And they show no mercy on me. God doesn't like it.

Too bad is what a good satanic less mom says. Too bad they don't know God.

And personally, I feel sad. I have isolated myself from friends and family by having this blog. People don't approve and ignore me because of it.

I know my family loves me.

I know my friends love me.

But please don't think anything I go through is normal.

Look up parapsychology special agents.

You will see that they do exist and they alter reality too much for me.

I would love more than anything to move on from this situation.

I need to move on is what one special agent just told me telepathically.

Yes. Telepathically. Mental telepathy is a government secret project. You won't find much on the Internet about it.

I'm done being a victim.

I want God to restore me and renew me.

I love you all who support my blog.

God Bless You!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FBI coded death on me again more and more

The CIA profiled me at the gym tonight. They thought I looked like a Hells Angel feel good rape victim sometime soon. So they are now coding death match on me.

Similar to the FBI, they will use a team of skilled technicians to try and murder me. They will deploy as much prayer towards my family and friends as they can in the event that they succeed in murdering me.

And once again, I am perfectly healthy. Minus the energy technicians summoning of black energy around me and certain parts of my body.

God has a plan. The government wants to win. I want to win.

May the least merry prosper. That may be me with how bad they will encode cancer into my body.

God Bless You!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The FBI is trying to cover......

They know I cannot pay my rent on a cheap salary. I was drastically underpaid at my last job. And my coworkers were paid by Gordon. He said to keep it real around me but to fuck with me when they could. So they would tamper with things at my desk when I was away from it. And they would email Gordon's cohorts at meeting times and the FBI double agents would sneak into my desk and tamper with my medication and nicotine gum.

Now that everyone in the FBI has their fraudulent millions, they feel like scum less not.

God is showing them I have forgiven them but they keep on acting like time is on their side.

Washington DC does nothing less than keep everyone employed and eating favorite recipes at fancy restaurants. French Laundry is where this so called elite group of double agents feel entitled to eat at least once a month.

And as for all the restaurants that took money to harm my food, zero accountability.

And Gordon is the richest man in California not but he is getting to his goal with help of intelligence on how to invest his money to become the richest man in California.

Gordon uses false names with many people to get his criminal activity done.

Get to work Washington DC FBI. He needs knowingly to die less but he needs to be put in prison in isolation for the rest of his life. He is a Hitler of the New Age times.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gordon may have paid my gas station attendants off to be extra nice to me ........

Until he comes up with a plan for them to be involved in killing me somehow.

I wanted them to be prosperous. I hope he gifted them well. I will go to seven eleven for smokes and red bulls from now on. Just saying.......

Another memory lane thought that entered my head today was a movie theater experience about a year ago. The FBI set me up to be hit in the theater. By a hired gun if you will.

Two men wearing sunglasses sat down right behind me in an empty movie theater on a Saturday afternoon. I left immediately.

People think I am less of a victim but that simply is not the casE

And Washington DC thinks it's a ok to sit on this.

Stupid dumb and you'll be dealing with media at some point

Say anything moments are satanic ways with the FBI

Satan runs the San Francisco FBI less in a month. Good news.

Bad news. Alien nation is peacefully ruining San Ramon Starbucks. They sit in shock at how much coffee Americans drink with information regarding caffeine from the 1980s.

I think what rich people need is a wake up call. I think FBI most likely wants to tell you freaks in Blackhawk to pay your share. Which means contribute to a greater cause beyond getting the most expensive this or that to show off to the Jones'.

And mainly I want to be wealthy. But I believe in shared responsibility. And that goes from everything from politics to education to the rising health epidemics. We all have a shared responsibility in helping one another when much is given in life.

So to the FBI who thought my dinner was five star last was. Every last bite was devoured.

God Bless You!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Too late for humor column Aidan

I have written a collection of poetry and letters to the Washington DC FBI. I have about thirty written. They are all the works of Aidan. He is a comedian.

He is threatening to delete my emails. It pisses me off.

Please do not hack my email FBI. I have years of experience being poor. But none being wealthy.

If you delete my poetry, I will be sad. And I will replenish your cup with less humor and more tough times by your guides. You will lose your sense of humor in the process.

I will have to forward to my dad for safekeeping

Do not hack email.


And now my professor has supposedly been paid

A no no to the CIA. And he said he'd give me an A less not. He is being paid to seduce me into a project at school over the next five years. A Gordon project. And Gordon wants to kill me with it more than he lets on.

A billionaire that is a psychopath. He is homocidal and wants me dead.

I am ashamed of the San Francisco FBI even more now. They all covered their money in off shore bank accounts and many have lawyers saying it was a gift from a friend.

Too bad for FBI less not.

And if my family is harmed, Gordon is all over the media even more.

Please stop him CIA. He is evil and mass plots to destroy many more.

God Bless You!

Poetry rocks.....but paying my coworkers does not

I am an up and coming poet. I save them in my emails.

But so the interesting point of that was, I am being hacked into by the FBI.

They do go through all of my emails every two hours. Pathetic and scary.

I have very little to hide. My bills are paid. I donate frequently to charities. I shop online. I write churches for prayer. I job hunt. I do my schoolwork. All in my way too cool email.

And as for Gordon paying off my coworkers???? I will never know better or worse. Just some stuff was trifled with at my desk while I worked there. Probably FBI breaking in but questionable about my coworkers affiliation to me.

Anyway, write your own damn blog freaks of nature.

I will sue for libel and slander if you poach off of mine.

Lots of love to you geeks.

And this blog is meant for death pool viewers.

God Bless You.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gordon wants to up the ante around my death big time

He owns less and less according to his elderly father who made the billions of dollars  in a family fortune. And his father is mainly scrupulous when it comes to his reputation. He targets nobodies according to the FBI profiler. People he can absolutely demolish with his money and a few ugly photos of his victims. He mainly is scary to the people he pays to do his dirty work like paying restaurants to put visine in food or telling doctors that the victims are a ok with their health even though they really need glasses. Just saying.

My eye doctor said my eyesight cannot be helped by glasses. Yet she mentioned that I has a stigmatism. And my vision is slightly blurred during the day.

So now I have no glasses and blurred vision slightly. Conveniently done for her own conscience.

I guess I need a second opinion. Not saying Gordon paid her less but not knowing is the problem.

She is gorgeous as an optometrist. Young, pretty and graduates from all the right schools.

But maybe she is sick of being Gordon's bitch already.

Just saying.

And last but not least. The FBI ruined my night with energy techniques to keep me from a concert. They think they won. And some of the leaders actually want the best for them in careers outside the FBI differently than they imagine.

When you take a blessing from me because of your hitler power and knowledge, the universe will eventually balance out.

And I'm tired of being the victim.

So you won a concert. But God won a bigger dream for his kids in the FBI to have collectively less together.

God be with you always.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family is special to everyone and I love my family more than you

 I hope he gets the message that I love way more than I hate. In fact I don't hate really at all. I get angry and sad that FBI and Gordon victimize me.

I hate very little though. I love my life a whole lot.

I believe God has a plan to make people feel blessed and sacred. Even if it means driving to prisons to visit their loved ones.

Prison is like summer camp according to an old friend of mine. It's a place where you go to sit and think about what you did wrong. But God is in prisons blessing prisoners always. There is lots of laughter and joy there. And yes email too.

People don't realize that God is working out love and healing. Mainly by harming others, you may not be entitled to that healing. But if you put on a brave smile and say hi to people, you never know what may come of it.

God Bless You!

Gordon is so done with me.......

He wanted EPIC and now it's too epic less. He seems to know that EPIC is over.

Good luck to him. I hope he prays for God to touch his life.

Get to church is his geeky cohorts talk.

Hope he does.

The bible is full of good works.

Time to move on from me.

Big time.

God Bless You!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The goal of the San Francisco FBI is to energetically murder

They know if they use energy weapons that no one can prove it. They summon up black energy to infiltrate my body. Today a healer was sad to see my energy so weakened by the military team trying to kill me. He expects it to get worse tomorrow. And the FBI is giggling at the their millionaire leaders as if prison were too good for them.

I am staying in my home tomorrow. I can't leave it unlocked to walk my dog during the day because the hired CIA hit would be more than happy to break iny home and kill me. Against my will.

This is just sad to the media.

Thank God a real leader would put fears to rest that there will be no murder as big as mine in ten weeks......just saying.

And that's Gordon wishes.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gordon's signature is accomplishing his bucket list.......

He wants the most EPIC life ever. And mainly with Ten BILLION is as EPIC as it gets.

And on his bucket list.....of course, is to kill me through the FBI know how.

When a Hitler hates someone, he will stop at nothing to kill them.

And the Satanic Cult in the FBI are not giving up on killing me.

I had actually written another post about Gordon's bucket list but the FBI took it down. Already tampering with my blog.

Not COOL!!!!!!

And don't worry about the FBI being big brother too much longer because Congress is going to have a look at what's been going on and have a big have it your way never attitude with the San Francisco FBI Leaders.

Does anyone in the FBI know what INTEGRITY means?


And as for EXCELLENCE???? Beyond your good looks and working out at the gym??????

HMMMMMM........someone is a little bit more educated than you on how the universe works.

And yes, it's me as a matter of fact.

Sorry, tweedle fucking dumb asses in the San Francisco FBI.

Why don't some of you pick up some BOOKS and educate yourselves on true LEADERSHIP and what AMERICA values?

Because basically homocidally threatening a pretty amazing decent girl is NOT IT for what is moralistically correct and abiding by the universal laws?

I will refrain from name calling.........

The San Francisco FBI is threatening chemical warfare in my car and home again

Whatever orders were given today are not ok with me on any level. The FBI does not have permission to murder me from any Congress or President at this point in time. Basically the President said to leave me alone. And these sick satanic people continue to try to murder me.

CIA needs to step up their knowledge. And death matching satanics is a ok with victims of them.

I don't need death threats every single day.

Not only do you ruin my life but many others never care about the consequences of their evil actions.

Satan does not have a place running the San Francisco FBI.

And taking action less is going to be a bigger problem more.

Just sayin'

The San Francisco FBI is as homocidal towards me as ever

Their energy tech had a heart attack trying to kill me. He didn't put on his shield correctly to murder me. Too bad. And quite frankly, I'm tired of being energetically harmed. They use so many energy techniques to try to kill me daily. I am counting on God to renew me and restore me. I pray these cruel evil people stop. I think if they don't, the San Francisco FBI is going to have too many more uanageable problems.

Friday, August 10, 2012

An FBI Acting Agent of the San Francisco FBI is victimizing other bipolar victims too......

There are about forty five other victims that the FBI is victimizing in hopes that we all commit suicide. Especially anyone with a sense of intuition can develop more intuition when they hear voices.

Fortunately for me, I am locked in my house with everything securely locked up. The FBI cannot break in to kill me as they so desired. And the more people read my blog and are sad for me, the more the FBI is being held accountable by the Lord.

They have a special unit called DEATH POOL. Basically they energize themselves onto victims as homocidal threats with no feelings. They have very little cares as to whether I live or die with the way they are energized.

And churches are beginning to receive prayer requests regarding the Satanic people in the East Bay as well as my prayer requests that the FBI is victimizing me.

And furthermore, this is a hate crime. I have never harmed anyone on a level that deserved this level of death threats daily.

I am actually doing really well minus the stress level of having to check everything and being stuck inside my house to keep safe.

God Bless You.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The San Francisco FBI is still trying to kill me by reading out my future and tipping off Gordon

And by staring at my photo and energetically trying to kill me. And yes they did take my car the other night while I was at class and did something with it in a hard core way to kill me. And yes, they do have to cover themselves. And yes, Stephanie D does not have a good excuse for having a hate crime on me on this level. And yes, the FBI is satanic. And yes, they are trying to kill me every single day to cover this story.

Too many people don't know how I get information. I am an intuitive. I meditate a half hour day and have become more open to the other side. And yes, these agents are psychically trained to outbound their souls into my energy field. They are trained in chakras and out of body experiences. And they know how to read energy at all times. They also know how to manipulate people with their advanced energy training.

The good agents are basically done trying to save my life. They assume God has a plan and they can ignore the wrongdoings in my life. Sorry but if you steal my car while I am in class and fill up the gas tank, then you are responsible for criminal activity. And yes, thank you for retrieving the spare garage door opener to keep my parents home safe. But you need to catch the 150 double agents who are being paid millions to be a watchdog for a Hitler billionaire. And yes, people are going to be sad for the FBI never if a bunch of satanic culties in the FBI happen to breach.

God Bless You.

To all the FBI murder techs.....STOP

Once again today the FBI has a group of seven men in a room trying to undo my energy field by weakening my body. They are manifesting health problems for me less as I fight more with Angels but they are becoming experts in how to kill people with their energy technicians designing many deaths.

Of course to weaken my energy field, they would have to be knowledgable in healing they claim. Basically they use armor to protect themselves and then place black energy all over my body. And black energy is memed from SATANIC CULT FBI.

If you would like to know what a meme is, it is when a bunch of psychically charged satanic agents come into someone's energy field and manipulates their thoughts and energy.

According to GOD, satan must be stopped in the FBI. And if Washington DC doesn't take action soon, they will be having a public apology to make to many people who are reading my blog.

God Bless You.

A full tank of gas mysteriously ended up in my car last night

Yes, I did call the Washington DC FBI to report that an agent had taken my car for a joy ride and filled up my gas tank to full when they returned my car. It happened whIle I was in class at JFK University for four hours on a Wednesday night.

I have no idea what the FBI did in my car but it will be uncool for them to set up a homicide for me.

These people are dangerous criminals. They know how to manipulate people at any given time and they know how to manipulate energy.

They continue to victimize me every single day with satanic FBI agents communicating with me telepathically.

I hope Washington DC FBI takes action soon.