Thursday, August 30, 2012

I narrowly escaped death today

I am sitting in my front yard because a CIA tech broke into my house to implant a suicide note and kill me. As soon as I saw that he closed my kitchen door to warn me, I ran out of my house.

So the FBI, in order to make a bucket list happen for more money, will be trying to disease me by their thought implants called memes.

I am perfectly healthy. These people are using advance voodoo like energy techniques to kill me.

Not a single FBI agent thinks this is not ok. They all want me dead.

And a billionaire wants his bucket list done by month end.

Anyone who wants to know about government projects and cover ups would have to know someone. The government is skilled at covering their shady, criminal, and unethical actions.

I am not the first and only victim of the FBI.

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