Monday, August 27, 2012

The aliens apparently left earth for the time being......

The FBI puts me through an enormous amount of stress and a lot of hell on hell's time. They employ about seventeen lucifer channeling agents that spend their time psychically reading people to destroy their futures. They have been doing this to me for almost three years now. These women that are destroying me are satan messengers. They are absolutely perfect looking and they have no qualms with manipulating others to get what they need. Back to money, sex and power.

And I'm the victim.

And not the FBI.

And the FBI put me through sheer hell having these very evil women read me out psychically and harass me and destroy several paths for a better future.

And this is common more and more every week.

And they read out several other women too.

And they destroy their futures as well.

And Gordon pays them well enough to do this.

And he is not held accountable by anyone.

Not the law enforcment.

Not society.

No one.

He just owns California.

He just can pay anyone to do his dirty work.

In his college days back at Stanford, he read a history book about Hitler and how he used astrologers and seers to help him accomplish the Holocaust. And Gordon took it to a level of "hip and now" in California. He owns sports. He owns restaurants. He owns music.

And people worship this man.

It is disgusting.

And he victimizes by paying special agents to read out my future and then he'll drop by places like restaurants or my place of work and pay a shit ton of money to ruin me.

Like visine in my food.

Or my coworkers emailing his team about when company meetings will be.

And so on and so on.


No offense CIA but you should have acted years ago.

And FBI, I am disgusted with you too big to ever treat you extremely well.

You sell outs for money and crime.

And I suffer as a result.

Thank god the military is treating me better these days.......not.

They think they can energetically murder me to cover this story.

Good fucking luck.

And the next time you spend all fucking night meming cancer energy into my may want to get a prostrate reading next year. You fucking asshole.

And if GOD is done as I'm so done with you better pray ALIENS don't come back with all of your hearts to finish you up........

And if Christians are giving up....DON'T.

God's got this......

Love you all who take the time to read my blog.

God is with you always and loves you so much.

Peace be with you.

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