Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just to clarify FBI intelligence

They are psychically trained exactly like and in more detail as the movie Men Who Stared At Goats. They have psychic capablities down to the exact second of time. And they will always deny this. Their agents have telepathic capabilities and do chakra work and know how to outbound their souls. They make their psychic training very very mainstream. They are good looking, pop culture minded people in the FBI. They are the hippest and trendiest and funniest actually. And they telepathically communicate with me. And a group is energetically trying to kill me with their advanced energy knowledge.

I cannot protect myself from their death threats. I am praying to God all day to save me from them.

Because they don't get the Lord's message to clear their energy from mine permanently, they are not going to leave me alOne. They still think it's a ok to energetically murder me because it would look like natural causes and no proof. And the FBI thinks Gordon's bucket list is a priority over keeping me alive.

So to the FBI, take your energy killers and have them leave me alone. Please stop implanting cancer and heart codes into my body. At this time, I am in absolute perfect health. I got a physical about a month ago to prove.

And to President , I am the victim. I have never harmed anyone to deserve to be shit all over the way the San Francisco FBI has "under classified orders" done to me.

I want to live until I am eight five years old.

I want you to stop your psychic death threats towards me immediately.

I want to you to keep your agents out of my aura, my car, my home and my place of work.

I want you to not break into my car, my home and my place of work as you previously have to tamper with medication to make my death happen sooner.

I want you to stop chemically coding my car every time I leave it unattended.

I want you to not spread any more fucking rumors to Gordon about my whereabouts.

I want to be able to go to any fucking restaurant I want without Gordon paying for spit or visine in my food.

Please stop.

God Bless You.

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