Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gordon's signature is accomplishing his bucket list.......

He wants the most EPIC life ever. And mainly with Ten BILLION is as EPIC as it gets.

And on his bucket list.....of course, is to kill me through the FBI know how.

When a Hitler hates someone, he will stop at nothing to kill them.

And the Satanic Cult in the FBI are not giving up on killing me.

I had actually written another post about Gordon's bucket list but the FBI took it down. Already tampering with my blog.

Not COOL!!!!!!

And don't worry about the FBI being big brother too much longer because Congress is going to have a look at what's been going on and have a big have it your way never attitude with the San Francisco FBI Leaders.

Does anyone in the FBI know what INTEGRITY means?


And as for EXCELLENCE???? Beyond your good looks and working out at the gym??????

HMMMMMM........someone is a little bit more educated than you on how the universe works.

And yes, it's me as a matter of fact.

Sorry, tweedle fucking dumb asses in the San Francisco FBI.

Why don't some of you pick up some BOOKS and educate yourselves on true LEADERSHIP and what AMERICA values?

Because basically homocidally threatening a pretty amazing decent girl is NOT IT for what is moralistically correct and abiding by the universal laws?

I will refrain from name calling.........

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