Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gordon wants to up the ante around my death big time

He owns less and less according to his elderly father who made the billions of dollars  in a family fortune. And his father is mainly scrupulous when it comes to his reputation. He targets nobodies according to the FBI profiler. People he can absolutely demolish with his money and a few ugly photos of his victims. He mainly is scary to the people he pays to do his dirty work like paying restaurants to put visine in food or telling doctors that the victims are a ok with their health even though they really need glasses. Just saying.

My eye doctor said my eyesight cannot be helped by glasses. Yet she mentioned that I has a stigmatism. And my vision is slightly blurred during the day.

So now I have no glasses and blurred vision slightly. Conveniently done for her own conscience.

I guess I need a second opinion. Not saying Gordon paid her less but not knowing is the problem.

She is gorgeous as an optometrist. Young, pretty and graduates from all the right schools.

But maybe she is sick of being Gordon's bitch already.

Just saying.

And last but not least. The FBI ruined my night with energy techniques to keep me from a concert. They think they won. And some of the leaders actually want the best for them in careers outside the FBI differently than they imagine.

When you take a blessing from me because of your hitler power and knowledge, the universe will eventually balance out.

And I'm tired of being the victim.

So you won a concert. But God won a bigger dream for his kids in the FBI to have collectively less together.

God be with you always.

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