Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stretching my faith to receive more than enough love and blessings

I anomaly never enough. I am doing past life work soon to heal and apologize to those in a past life where I hurt people. I may be able to do it through a hypnotherapist who loves past life stories.

I don't know what I did to deserve such bad karma. The FBI is dishing out more than I can handle. They think I deserve to pay and pay. They also will need past life work done.

It wasn't enough that I suffered and suffered. It wasn't enough.

I guess if I'm not in constant pain, then I'm not a ok for the FBI leaders. And truth be told, they are evil.

I cannot leave my house today because they are threatening to break in with their latest murder plot. These people are sick.

God had shown them no way out of their death poll. Not. Please stop raping and murder plots you sick evil people.

And they show no mercy on me. God doesn't like it.

Too bad is what a good satanic less mom says. Too bad they don't know God.

And personally, I feel sad. I have isolated myself from friends and family by having this blog. People don't approve and ignore me because of it.

I know my family loves me.

I know my friends love me.

But please don't think anything I go through is normal.

Look up parapsychology special agents.

You will see that they do exist and they alter reality too much for me.

I would love more than anything to move on from this situation.

I need to move on is what one special agent just told me telepathically.

Yes. Telepathically. Mental telepathy is a government secret project. You won't find much on the Internet about it.

I'm done being a victim.

I want God to restore me and renew me.

I love you all who support my blog.

God Bless You!

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