Monday, August 20, 2012

The FBI is trying to cover......

They know I cannot pay my rent on a cheap salary. I was drastically underpaid at my last job. And my coworkers were paid by Gordon. He said to keep it real around me but to fuck with me when they could. So they would tamper with things at my desk when I was away from it. And they would email Gordon's cohorts at meeting times and the FBI double agents would sneak into my desk and tamper with my medication and nicotine gum.

Now that everyone in the FBI has their fraudulent millions, they feel like scum less not.

God is showing them I have forgiven them but they keep on acting like time is on their side.

Washington DC does nothing less than keep everyone employed and eating favorite recipes at fancy restaurants. French Laundry is where this so called elite group of double agents feel entitled to eat at least once a month.

And as for all the restaurants that took money to harm my food, zero accountability.

And Gordon is the richest man in California not but he is getting to his goal with help of intelligence on how to invest his money to become the richest man in California.

Gordon uses false names with many people to get his criminal activity done.

Get to work Washington DC FBI. He needs knowingly to die less but he needs to be put in prison in isolation for the rest of his life. He is a Hitler of the New Age times.

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