Thursday, August 30, 2012

These are such evil sick people

About an hour ago, one of the agents telepathically told me he wanted me to end up in the ER tonight. Now the FBI energy techs are implanting all sorts of black energies into my body. I have to rest because they are meming me so much and pray that the Angels I call for will stop them.

It makes me sad that this group of souls is trying so hard to kill me. Every single day they give me death threats. Some they act on like chemically coding my car and some they keep threatening me with like by reading out my future and I watch it disappear with my internal vision.

I will be back to writing churches again as soon as I feel strong enough. And major corporations.

It is unfortunate that no one in the FBI sees anything wrong with this. Kill, deny and cover is their new motto. And because it is classified, they will cover it.

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