Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gordon wants his bucket list finished by week end

The latest death threat is to break into my house in the middle of the night and kill my entire family and you can figure out how they'd cover. As a matter of fact, our house is locked up extremely tight and today an FBI tech got into my house as previously reported a few posts ago.

I am sad. I have asked these agents to stop threatening me. And they just don't. I have already sent text messages to my sisters and best friend to notify them of how my home was broken into today. And I made a police report with the San Ramon Police Department that the FBI put chemicals in my car.

And ir's getting to be the time to stop.  This is by no means ok with me, my family nor the American public. And the FBI is not stopping. Kill, deny, cover is their motto.

And you know what? Too bad when the universe takes a turn.

I don't deserve this. My friends and family have a hard time fathoming why anyone would do this to me.  And our law enforcement is denying it is happening.

God Bless You to those that follow my blog. I've had 6000 pageviews.

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