Saturday, August 18, 2012

Say anything moments are satanic ways with the FBI

Satan runs the San Francisco FBI less in a month. Good news.

Bad news. Alien nation is peacefully ruining San Ramon Starbucks. They sit in shock at how much coffee Americans drink with information regarding caffeine from the 1980s.

I think what rich people need is a wake up call. I think FBI most likely wants to tell you freaks in Blackhawk to pay your share. Which means contribute to a greater cause beyond getting the most expensive this or that to show off to the Jones'.

And mainly I want to be wealthy. But I believe in shared responsibility. And that goes from everything from politics to education to the rising health epidemics. We all have a shared responsibility in helping one another when much is given in life.

So to the FBI who thought my dinner was five star last was. Every last bite was devoured.

God Bless You!

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