Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the San Jose FBI has upped the ante on murdering me big time

First, he sent in a hired technician to get into my home this morning. I had to run out of my house as soon as my parents left to stay safe and to keep my parents safe. Next, I went to Starbucks. While I was in Starbucks, a tech chemically coded my car. He uses a diuretic and I have an instant reaction to it. It makes me sick every single time they chemically code my car.

For seventy five million dollars, every FBI agent thinks this is a ok. They all want their millions of dollars and to accomplish Gordon's bucket list of murdering me.

Sick, evil and homocidal FBI.

They need to be done.

And I need to live

The FBI also know I am trying to protect my parents. I rarely talk about this at home as it is too stressful. They will be plotting around this information.

God Bless You.

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