Monday, July 29, 2013

The FBI is done trying to murder me less

The FBI thinks that they can get away with murder in the next week. They want to poison my dog and his food and his water and kill him. They are hoping to get me so devastated that I will want to commit suicide.

I cannot keep my dog safe or my car safe while I go out this week. I have to be able to lead a life of staying in my home and keeping it locked up at all times according to the people in the FBI that are not wanting me murdered.

To publicize this is absolutely aok according the CIA less.

Please do not murder my dog.

God Bless You.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The FBI is in deep shit with the CIA

The San Francisco FBI is plotting to murder me for their telepathic agents breaching information to me. They will not have the decency to come to my home and clearance me for protection.

They continue to have their Schizophrenia Project Team practice voodoo and homicidal threats on me daily. And they have the garage door opener to my home which the FBI welcomes themselves into whenever I am not home and poisons food and puts chemicals in my bedding and clothing and then pokes holes in my clothes to top it off.

The project is inhumane, cruel and sad. These people in charge are unethical and downright satanic and evil. And they are getting a $600 million dollar payout from Gordon the billionaire in Los Gatos CA.

God Bless You.