Wednesday, November 8, 2017

God is getting angry eventually.......

God is getting very angry with the FBI and CIA for what they have done to me.

They continue to rape me daily psychically, practice voice to skull on me so I hear their voices, voodoo me with voodoo artists and practice sorcery on me all day every day of severe witchcraft and stalk me where I ever I go with demonic agents.

Not only that, but as Christian, I have been giving five to ten percent of my income away for almost ten years annually in the form of a tithe or offering and the FBI psychically views out my future daily to destroy my future so that I have never received any of the prosperity that God wants me to have so far. I am on permanent disability at poverty levels of income. God is getting angry at this FBI practice of reading out my future and then paying off the people in it to harm me. Basically, I get to sit in a comfortable "prison" of my own home doing nothing.... FOR NO REASON TO GOD OTHER THAN FBI AND CIA PSYCHOPATHY!!!!!

The Bay Area is probably going to start paying from all the harm they have done to me. I can guarantee you this project was never worth it to do so malicious and harmful to me when that happens. And it will be God's wrath, not mine. I attempt to bless my enemy in prayer a few times a week but I am really over them.

Please pray for my protection if you read this. God Bless You!!!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I am really over the FBI and CIA destroying my life every single day

Today, the FBI broke into my house again, they psychically raped me again for the third time since Saturday and they practiced witchcraft and voodoo on me again ALL DAY as they do EVERY DAY.

I'll tell you something....IT IS REALLY FUCKING OLD to be treated this way.

So to those of you that crack open a bible, you know it says God will be my vindicator as I do nothing but trust in the Lord and do good. And boy, after everything the Bay Area FBI/CIA conspiracy does to harm me and others, they are eventually going to get their due. And it will probably be very sad.

Please pray for me to heal and be protected if you are a person of faith reading this.

God Bless You!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The CIA has tried to kill me again this week

Today, I am very worried that my dad's only employee at his office is working with the CIA. I left my desk unattended for two minutes with a bottle of water open on it and when I came back, my nana (on the other side) warned me that the water had been poisoned. I did not drink the water and left the office within ten minutes and threw the water away immediately. The FBI and CIA ALWAYS let me know they plan on doing an "inside" job on me. They have been doing this for years and years now by clearancing the people around me in my life or in my future to become agents. I have lost EVERY SINGLE FRIEND i have ever had with clearances to become agents and then they have been asked to murder me. After they listen to satanic trances and meditations for them to evolve by the FBI and CIA, they are usually willing to do it.

Last week, the CIA broke into my car. They left two napkins from my glovebox on the seat of my car and on the floor. I DID NOT GET THEM OUT.

I am scared as usual. I have Jesus who is protecting me but this CONSPIRACY by the Bay Area FBI and CIA is disgusting and it's terrorizing me. They still practice voodoo, psychic rape, witchcraft and voice to skull on me daily. Most of the agents are SICK SICK SATANICS.

Please pray for my protection if you read this and are Christian. God Bless You!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The FBI broke into my again today and I am very sad for our Bay Area for it.....

Today the FBI broke into my house while I ran up to the store and put a cricket inside our piano and warned me when I got home that they acidized our coffee. I may die tomorrow and it's because no one does the right thing in this Bay Area. And God promised me the Bay Area will pay dearly for all the harm they have done to me.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The CIA broke into my garage in the middle of the night last night

This time they broke into my car and stole twenty dollars from  me as my car was parked in our garage the entire night. I had a nervous breakdown today because of it and I am still trying to recover. To some, $20 is nothing. But as I am on permanent disability, every penny counts to me and they should have never been in my garage to begin with nor stealing the last of my money for the entire month. Five years ago, I was working as a Benefit Analyst for an insurance broker as a licensed insurance agent. And when I was laid off due to a buy out, the FBI went ahead and clearanced every single insurance agency that I could have had an interview the interviews were lined up and hired them to become conspiracy agents against me. And instead of working for the past five years, the FBI has completely disabled me and instead, they practice witchcraft on me EVERY SINGLE DAY all day, they voodoo me EVERY SINGLE DAY and some of their really low life, highly paid creep agents RAPE ME PSYCHICALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am not allowed any extra blessings by the FBI as they only plot my murder daily and I spend much of my time inside my home praying to Jesus to deliver me. It has been a long and hard battle for the past thirty years as they started projecting me when I was ten years old. Also, I am not allowed the blessing of eating out in any restaurant as the FBI psychically reads out my days daily and pays restaurants off to poison my food. And they psychically read out my future daily and have paid off any future new friends in my future over a million dollars to become a satanic culted agent. And all of my friends from my past were paid off and dumped me. I am very sad. And no one in this country can ever imagine what I've been through for the past thirty years and I am being told it is coming back to our country karmically. I didn't deserve what they do and continue to do to me.

Please say a prayer for me if you believe in God for me to be safe and delivered.

God Bless You!!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The FBI broke into my house yet again today while I was not home.......

I am very scared. The FBI broke in again today. This time they tore a tag off my new pajamas and put it in the trash so when I went to put them on tonight expecting to tear off a tag, it wasn't there. This is not the first time they have broken into my home and left signs of being here. I will never know when they poison something to kill me or my parents. Also, they have let me know that they have hired a family member  to conspiracy against me and to attempt homocide on me. I am so so scared. I am a strong Christian and I put my faith in the Lord but this is way way too much. Also, God told me that if they succeed in murdering me, there will be bombs dropped on our country at my death. This San Francisco Bay Area FBI is way too satanic and they listen to satanic meditations and trances. No one in the FBI has followed my advice of putting out a Christ meditation either in the Bay Area and there are now over two million demonic souls in the Bay Area.

Please if you read this, pray for me.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The San Jose CIA will stop at nothing to kill me.......

I have reason to believe that the San Jose CIA has hired my dad's two employees to kill me and to kill him. I am very frightened. The Bay Area Intelligence is extremely SATANIC and want me DEAD because of lies told by the Schizophrenia Project teams.

If you are Christian, please pray for my safety and my family's safety.

God Bless You!