Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The FBI broke into my house yet again today while I was not home.......

I am very scared. The FBI broke in again today. This time they tore a tag off my new pajamas and put it in the trash so when I went to put them on tonight expecting to tear off a tag, it wasn't there. This is not the first time they have broken into my home and left signs of being here. I will never know when they poison something to kill me or my parents. Also, they have let me know that they have hired a family member  to conspiracy against me and to attempt homocide on me. I am so so scared. I am a strong Christian and I put my faith in the Lord but this is way way too much. Also, God told me that if they succeed in murdering me, there will be bombs dropped on our country at my death. This San Francisco Bay Area FBI is way too satanic and they listen to satanic meditations and trances. No one in the FBI has followed my advice of putting out a Christ meditation either in the Bay Area and there are now over two million demonic souls in the Bay Area.

Please if you read this, pray for me.

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