Friday, August 17, 2012

Poetry rocks.....but paying my coworkers does not

I am an up and coming poet. I save them in my emails.

But so the interesting point of that was, I am being hacked into by the FBI.

They do go through all of my emails every two hours. Pathetic and scary.

I have very little to hide. My bills are paid. I donate frequently to charities. I shop online. I write churches for prayer. I job hunt. I do my schoolwork. All in my way too cool email.

And as for Gordon paying off my coworkers???? I will never know better or worse. Just some stuff was trifled with at my desk while I worked there. Probably FBI breaking in but questionable about my coworkers affiliation to me.

Anyway, write your own damn blog freaks of nature.

I will sue for libel and slander if you poach off of mine.

Lots of love to you geeks.

And this blog is meant for death pool viewers.

God Bless You.

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