Thursday, August 30, 2012

I feel a tech from the FBI putting black energy around my heart

They would like their millions of dollars and to cover this story by denying it ever happened. The San Francisco FBI has never contacted my family. They did this because they had a bipolar project that they wanted to kill me with when I was nineteen by psychically tapping my energy. On the contrary, I have sent over one hundred emails to the San Francisco and Washington DC FBI asking them to psychically leave me alone and stop homocidally threatening me. They have never responded. I have also reported by phone the agents who stole my car a few weeks ago and I called last year to report my home being broken into with absolutely zero response.

I have written our Congress with my blog as well as the President of the United States. No one has responded although the President's office referred me to counseling. That is not the solution to human intelligence trying to murder me.

And Gordon pays voodoo artists every single day. He is pretty sincere about wanting me dead to accomplish his bucket list and the San Francisco FBI is being paid to make it happen.

I am tired of being a victim.

I do not want to be energetically murdered.

Please pray for me if you read today's blog.

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