Thursday, August 9, 2012

The San Francisco FBI is still trying to kill me by reading out my future and tipping off Gordon

And by staring at my photo and energetically trying to kill me. And yes they did take my car the other night while I was at class and did something with it in a hard core way to kill me. And yes, they do have to cover themselves. And yes, Stephanie D does not have a good excuse for having a hate crime on me on this level. And yes, the FBI is satanic. And yes, they are trying to kill me every single day to cover this story.

Too many people don't know how I get information. I am an intuitive. I meditate a half hour day and have become more open to the other side. And yes, these agents are psychically trained to outbound their souls into my energy field. They are trained in chakras and out of body experiences. And they know how to read energy at all times. They also know how to manipulate people with their advanced energy training.

The good agents are basically done trying to save my life. They assume God has a plan and they can ignore the wrongdoings in my life. Sorry but if you steal my car while I am in class and fill up the gas tank, then you are responsible for criminal activity. And yes, thank you for retrieving the spare garage door opener to keep my parents home safe. But you need to catch the 150 double agents who are being paid millions to be a watchdog for a Hitler billionaire. And yes, people are going to be sad for the FBI never if a bunch of satanic culties in the FBI happen to breach.

God Bless You.

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