Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The FBI has made it perfectly clear that they are done with me alive

They have all the power and I have no voice other than my blog.

So I will use it.

The San Francisco FBI is under satanic leadership and has a huge cult following. All of them worship Satan and are very evil beyond belief.

The problem with keeping me alive at this point is that the Satanic Cult would then have to not try to murder me. And that is difficult for the satanic cult.

And the government is going to try to murder me every day this year according to my spirit guides.

I will have to work that much harder to stay alive through my belief in God, Jesus,  the Holy Spirit and Angels.

And I will have to be diligent about keeping my house locked up even when my parents are home according the CIA spirit guides.

The President thinks I know too much information that could keep me dead for your SATAN in America to live on.

And Satan has no business being in charge of our government.

The FBI has done multitudes of harm to my family and friends through this project they have on my life.

Which is living peacefully as I cause harm to no one. This is a hate crime against me.

And the satanic cult is powerful because no one has turned in their leaders.

I am the first to report that I am in excellent health according to all recent tests done by Kaiser in Walnut Creek and I am happy to fight for my right to life.

I will not be committing suicide or dying of natural causes any time soon.

The FBI just wants to make my death look as if one of those options has happened.

And the karma clause does apply. This I warned people about but they chose to ignore my warnings. What you put out into the universe comes back to you. I strongly advise practicing the teachings of the BIBLE to the San Francisco FBI before it gets much too bad for our entire country.

This is not a bad idea to blog less never according to an old friend's spirit guide who dumped me this week due to the FBI filling her head with lies when they clearanced her.

But I don't respect the FBI and their homocidal threats towards me and using the amount of man power every day to try to murder me. It is obscene what I go through. And I am stressed out most of the time and tired from their daily abuses.

God Bless You!

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