Friday, January 4, 2013

My heart is breaking again and again for my mom's family and my close friends

I am not allowed to ask all of you if you have clearanced. And I am not allowed to tell you that I have not clearanced.

Yes, I have been breaching less.

But I have asked for clearance once and breached and assumed that was that.

And then no one has ever brought it up to me ever. Not a single person.

No friends of my family have contacted me.

No one brings up my blog.

And my parents sort of deny the situation when  I go to them.

I have no support and it is sad.

And you all have clearanced without asking if you could contact me.

And the sad thing is.....

I have never done a thing to deserve you hating me.

I did nothing rotten to anyone ever.

And this is a hate crime against me by a powerful group of GOVERNMENT and BILLIONAIRE BITCHES!!!!!!!

I'm sorry if you all think that calling me is a bad idea.

But please do think of me as your friend and as a your family.

I love all of you.

God Bless You.

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