Sunday, December 2, 2012

The FBI is trying to destroy my family less never.......

They won a just a little too big in the past two weeks. They had me convinced that my whole family wanted me dead. And they took a little too much of my mental health away from again. I was hospitalized for five days.

I am sad that they have this power. I am sad that they victimize me. I am sad for the emotional abuse they put me through daily by having their specially trained agents communicate with me telepathically.

Mental telepathy. A big government secret. But it is a reality for me daily.

And so it will be seen that I look mentally incompetent to my friends and family.

But in the end, the government is looking at a life of crime as a fight to live less never.

The FBI is A OK to let me know that I am going to be a nothing forever. And they are coding to keep me out of employment for at least another year with their current leadership.

This week I was offered a job paying over $50,000 as a salary. But I had to turn it down due to the FBI tipping off Gordon that I would be in San Jose and he could pay a hit on my life there.

It is obscene to most people that I have not done anything in this lifetime to deserve this type of hate crime but I have to pay dearly for something I supposedly did over three centuries ago. And if the Lord is again and again taking time to get back at me they's because karma rules over centuries. And karmically people in the FBI are getting very sad and scared.

I love all of you who support me and heal me and love me. You mean the world to me.

God Bless You.

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